Students in the Wells in Florence program can select from a wide variety of courses in the humanities, arts*, business, social science and more.

Students enroll at the Lorenzo de' Medici Institute (Ldm), where all courses are taught in English. Students need not have knowledge of Italian. At the completion of the semester, students will be issued a Wells College transcript.

  • Art History
  • Fashion
  • Classical Studies
  • International Business
  • International Studies
  • Political Science
  • Communications
  • History of Architecture
  • Painting
  • Psychology
  • Anthropology
  • History
  • Environmental studies
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Religious Studies
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Sociology
  • Theatre and Opera
  • Graphic Arts

Italian language courses are not a requirement of the Wells in Florence program. Students with adequate background in Italian can take certain courses in Italian if they wish, but that is entirely optional.

*Did you know Florence's Historic Centre is named one of UNESCO's World Heritage sites for its extraordinary Renaissance architecture and art galleries? With an exceptionally wide variety of painting, drawing, design, theater, dance, sculpture, photography, printmaking and fashion design courses to choose from, LdM is the perfect choice for students interested in the creative arts and design!

Course Listings

Course schedules are not available until approximately five months prior to the semester start date. For advance planning purposes, you may use the previous year’s semester schedule. For example, you would use the previous fall semester schedule as a good estimate for courses that are likely to be offered in a fall semester and the previous spring semester schedule as a good estimate for spring semester courses. Course offerings do not change much each year.

You may refer to the Lorenzo de’ Medici “Course Schedules” page to see what is typically offered in the previous semesters. Select “Florence” for the site and a previous fall or spring semester for the term.

Spring 2023 Courses
Visit the following link to see a tentative list of Spring 2023 Courses

Once course registration is open, please visit the Lorenzo de' Medici "Course Schedules" page. Once there, select the "Florence" site, and "Spring 2023" term.  Current course status will be updated there (full or open).

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You can contact Amy Torea, Wells College Florence Program Coordinator, at or call 315.364.3291 for more information.