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What better place to find inspiration than the birthplace of the Renaissance?
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About Florence, Italy

What better place to find inspiration than the birthplace of the Renaissance? At the intersection of European culture and industry, Florence has cultivated the ideas and inventions of visionaries like Galileo, Leonardo, and Machiavelli. It enabled talents such as Brunelleschi, Dante, and Donatello. More recently, designers like Cavalli, Gucci, and Ferragamo call Florence home. This special city has been an international hub for creative thinkers and innovators for centuries.

Wells College’s urban campus is located in the city center, nestled among the many shops, cafes, markets, and historical sites that make up the character and spirit of Florence. Approximately 180 miles from Rome and 188 miles from Milan, Florence is a World Heritage Site and provides its visitors with a rich account of art history, design, and architecture. For centuries, Florence has attracted visitors with its wide array of museums, archives, and exhibits and is now the second most popular study-abroad location for English speakers in the world.

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You can contact Amy Torea, Wells in Florence Program Coordinator, at florence@wells.edu or call 315.364.3291 for more information.

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