Mathematical and Physical Sciences

The majors in mathematical and physical sciences combine purely logical and analytical reasoning, as exemplified by mathematics and computer science, with the study of nature at its most fundamental, the science of physics.

In the past, human curiosity about the phenomena of science and engineering has spurred the creation of new mathematics. Today, this dialogue is not only between mathematics and the physical sciences, but includes economics, the social sciences, and research into artificial intelligence. Computer research is yielding powerful new methods of analysis and visualization, with significant impact on mathematics and the physical sciences. The way is now being paved for a similar computer-spurred revolution in the rest of the liberal arts.

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Computer Science

With the theory and application of computers, gain insight into computer research, which is yielding powerful new methods of analysis and visualization. Explore the significant impact of computers on mathematics and the physical sciences.

Available as a major or a minor.


Appreciate the power and beauty in the logic of mathematical 
structure and thought. Develop the ability to bring the power of mathematics to 
the understanding and solution of problems in a variety of fields.

Available as a major or a minor.


Study the fundamental laws of nature through investigation and 
mathematical formulation. Explore the roles of computers in the sciences and 
interdisciplinary sciences.

Available as a major or a minor.

Internships and Study Abroad

The following is a sample of 
internships in the Mathematical and Physical Sciences area held by Wells students in recent years:

  • Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc., Lexington, MA
  • Museum of Science & Technology, Syracuse, NY
  • Wall of America, Sharon, CT
  • D & D Data, Vienna, VA

With phenomenal resources at universities around the world, the opportunities are 
endless. Try a semester in Scotland, England, or Ireland or New Zealand and expand your 
horizons along with your academic resources. Mathematical and Physical Sciences majors can pursue programs around the world. 
Check out our off-campus study programs.

Other Opportunities

Explore your scientific interests further with out-of-the-classroom opportunities for 
learning, leadership and fun! 
Check out:

  • Tutoring in Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • Science Colloquium Series (lectures by faculty, students, and guests)

"Everyone in life has a different upbringing and background which in turn impacts their perspectives on certain issues and situations. With realizing that, I've learned to be more open minded to everything and everyone's opinions whether in class or on campus."

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Program Faculty
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Professor of Physics
Petko Kitanov
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Show What You Know

Physics students work closely with mathematic formulas as they reasoning with the laws of our universe—but are also very flexible within their major. At Wells College, a liberal arts education provides Physics majors opportunities to interact with and build strengths in computer science or even participate in the annual Business Idea Competition held on campus. Science Colloquium is also another way to experience the professional world in a classroom, and our helpful professors offer opportunities to conduct research and present your work at national conferences. The Physics Club on campus meets regularly to watch science-related films, celebrate "Pi Day," and spend time with like-minded people.

It is possible to think of the Mathematics major as numbers, equations, and more numbers, but at Wells College, professors create a fun-filled environment for students as they apply data to practical scenarios and situations. Students in this major can participate in the annual Business Idea Competition and work with others to creat their own business plan, join the Physics Club, or become a member of, well, any club on campus! The senior thesis allows you to work through an original, high-level project and apply learning strategies as you prepare for a career in a related field. Student-focused research conferences give Wells students the chance to show what they've accomplished with their peers from other institutions, and build their skills at networking and public speaking.

Computer Science majors work with modern computing systems and software, learning how to process and create code and apply the laws of technical systems to practical situations. Share your expertise with other students as a tutor or teacher's assistant, build your professional skills with the help of the Experiential Learning and Career Services office, or diversify your Wells experience by taking part in theatre productions or Collegiate Council student government. More than one student team has won prizes in our annual Business Idea Competition by planning and building a demo for their own app!

Our mission is for every student to think critically, reason wisely and act humanely as they cultivate meaningful lives. On our beautiful lakeside campus, students gain the knowledge, skills and experience to create their own unique path.

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