November 2016 Faculty Accomplishments

Professor of Chemistry Christopher Bailey peer reviewed the case study, “The Power of the Placebo,” for possible publication by The National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science at the State University of New York at Buffalo.

 Professor Bailey also organized the attendance and participation of 31 Wells College Biological & Chemical Sciences students and faculty at the Rochester Academy of Sciences, held on November 12, 2015, at Roberts Wesleyan College. Professors Burwell, Blake, and Schmidt also attended. Students Maia Baskerville, Aaron Heisey, Natalie Jay, Meredith Kadjeski, and Alexander Milliken each presented their research work at the conference.

Marian Brown, Director of the Center for Sustainability and the Environment participated in a panel discussion titled “Integrating Sustainability into Curriculum” for the State of NY Sustainability conference at SUNY New Paltz from November 2-3.

Victor Hammer Fellow, Heather R. Buechler presented her paper Field to Bag, Bag to Field: Feedbag Production and Distribution in Rural America at the Textile Society of America’s 16th Biannual Symposium: Crosscurrents: Land, Labor and the Port, held October 19-23 in Savannah, GA. Her paper is part of an ongoing body of research which examines the production methods and distribution patterns of textile sacks and other agricultural packaging—particularly wood type and engraving production as it pertains to the Hamilton Wood Type & Manufacturing Company, Bemis Bag Company, and the S. George & Company.

Heather Buechler’s work, Of Simple Men, is currently on exhibition as part of WORKING FORCES at The Soap Factory in Minneapolis, MN. An installation comprised of a malfunctioning Machine and a corresponding Operator’s Manual, Of Simple Men is a monument to the rise and decline of rural America, and a physical representation of the complications patterns of cultural forgetfulness have propagated. The Machine—the OSM—plays a printed muslin ream that interacts with a film of an endless rural landscape projected from the floorboards. Straddling the line between automation and semi-automation, the OSM references a particular era of manufacturing technologies credited for shaping our contemporary landscape and a resource-dependent culture. Intentionally engineered to malfunction, it begs for a historic reevaluation of these technologies, their relationship to the land, and our relationship to them and the cultures that subsist on them. The Operator’s Manual, as artist’s book, addresses the origins of these ideas in a complex web of poetics, prose, and theoretical text. The exhibition runs November 12, 2016 – December 18, 2016.

Dr.Gehan Dhameeth, Assistant Professor of Business designed an online training module on "Customer Relationship Marketing and Sales (CRM-S)" for managers at Sampath Bank, an indigenous private bank in Sri Lanka.

Milene Morfei, Professor of Psychology served as a submission reviewer for the Sustainability and Social Science Research Symposium to be held at the University of Michigan in May, 2017.

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