May – August 2013 Faculty Accomplishments

Christopher Bailey, Professor of Chemistry, co-taught along with Professor George Lisensky, a National Science Foundation sponsored cCWCS workshop on "Materials Science and Nanotechnology for Chemists", held July 21-26, 2013, at Beloit College in Wisconsin. The workshop, which attracted college chemistry faculty from across the country, focused on a chemical view of materials science and the nanoworld and emphasized the incorporation of these ideas into the core chemistry curriculum. Topics and activities included the synthesis of nanoparticles, solid state structures and model building, light emitting diodes (LED's), X-ray diffraction, quantum dots, carbon nanotubes, and the societal implications of nanotechnology.

Bruce Bennett, Professor of English, presented his essay, "The Tree As Trope": James Merrill"s "Christmas Tree," at the Merrill Critical Seminar, West Chester Poetry Conference, June 6th, 2013. He also delivered a paper, "Light Verse Need Not Be Light," as part of the Light Verse Panel at West Chester, June 8th, 2013.

Professor Bennett's poem "On The Beach" was published in Light (online), and two of his poems appear in the online humor magazine, Garbanzo!

Professor Bennett read his poetry as part of a group reading at Barnes & Noble in Ithaca, August 25th, 2013.

Siouxsie Easter, Associate Professor of Theatre, gave a presentation entitled "Teaching it 'All': Creating and Maintaining the Curriculum" as a part of the panel entitled "The Rewards and Challenges of Single Person Theatre Departments" during the August 2013 Association for Theatre in Higher Education national conference.

Also, during her sabbatical in the Spring, Siouxsie directed a short play entitled "Clean Slate" written by alumna Samm Vella for the Carnival Girls Productions play festival in Manhattan. She also traveled to Bath, England in March during which time she developed theatre curriculum for the fall and spring semesters and proposed a summer theatre program for Advanced Studies in England. The program was approved and implemented by ASE and Siouxsie will be teaching the inaugural summer theatre school alongside British professors in the Summer of 2014.

Jeanne Goddard, Professor of Dance, taught four weeks of modern dance classes at the CRS Barn Studio in Ithaca in July. She was also invited to join the Ithaca Summer Piano Institute for an improvisational performance with pianist John White. In August she choreographed, co-wrote, and co-produced "Opera Cowpokes ALIVE!" with Steven Stull and colleagues from Cornell University, Ithaca College, and the Ithaca community. Also in August, Jeanne produced "Moving Landscapes 6", a choreographers' showcase that featured work by dancers from Cornell, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Ithaca, Binghamton, Rochester, and Geneva. Ms. Goddard's premiered her quartet, "Three Studies for a Decorated Vessel" and directed two group improvisations in collaboration with musicians from Ithaca and Geneva. Finally, Professor Goddard created "Sunset Wings", her first choreography for a Middle Eastern dance ensemble.

Michael Groth, Professor of History, gave a series of public presentations this summer. In June, he discussed religious revival and reform in New York's "Burned Over District" at the Good Shepherd Catholic Community's Men's Club. Professor Groth was also a participant in a speakers series sponsored by the Seward House in Auburn commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg. His August presentation at the Howland Stone Store Museum in Sherwood focused on Abraham Lincoln and Emancipation."

Kent Klitgaard, Professor of Economics, paper entitled "The Failed Growth Economy, Stagnation, and the Biophysical Limits to Growth" appeared in Volume 1, number 1 of The International Journal of Social Science Research pages 140-157.

Richard Loosemore, Lecturer in Physics, completed a chapter that is to be published in a book next year. The title of the chapter is "Qualia Surfing" and the book is "Intelligence Unbound: The Future of Uploaded and Machine Minds", edited by Russell Blackford and Damien Broderick, published by Wiley.

Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo, Professor of Political Science, had the following publications, (1) "Recurrent Crisis in the Eastern DRC: Petty Imperialism and Reconceptualizing the Peace Process," Kujenga Amani (Social Science Research Council), 2013. (2) "Africa and Asia Relations," African and Asian Studies, Volume 12, Numbers 1 and 2 (2013).

Professor Lumumba-Kasongo attended the following: The 38th Annual Meeting of the New York African Studies Association, which was held on April 3-6, 2012 at the University of Binghamton, New York. He served as the Discussant on the Panel of the Land Reforms in Africa; He also presented his paper on the Case of the Land Reforms in the Democratic Republic of Congo;

The Annual Conference of Comparative and International Education Society (CIES), which was held in New Orleans, Louisiana, on March 12-15, 2013. As a member of Jury of Education Research in Africa of the ADEA, he presented the report of the Jury to the Executive Committee and Scientific Committee of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA), which is a member of the CIES.

The Annual Conference of the American Political Science Association held in Chicago, Illinois, on August 29-September 1, 2013.

He was selected by the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa as the Facilitator of the Advanced Research Project on " Peace, Security and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in the Great Lakes Region of Africa" (11 countries); The First workshop on this topic was held in Arusha, Tanzania, on August 19-23, 2013. He also presented 4 papers in the workshop.

In the Fall and Spring Semesters 2012-2013, Lumumba-Kasongo was invited to serve as an external evaluator of the dossiers of 2 candidates for the promotion of full Professors in the Department of Political Science at the University of South Sudan and the Department of Political Science at University of Utah.

As an External Examiner at the University of Ghana, Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo also evaluated the MA Thesis from the University of Ghana in Legon, 2012-2013.

Laura J. McClusky, Associate Professor of Sociology, has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Maya Educational Foundation (MEF). Convinced that education is key to empowerment, the Maya Educational Foundation supports all levels of educational projects from literacy classes to university scholarships for Maya people throughout Guatemala, southern Mexico and Belize. Laura J. McClusky will serve a four year term on the Board.

Milene Morfei, Professor of Psychology, contributed a chapter titled, "Psychology, Sustainability, and Sense of Place" to _Teaching Sustainability: Perspectives from the Humanities and Social Sciences_ (in press). Editors: W. P. Boring & W. Forbes; Publisher: Stephen F. Austin State University Press.

Daniel Renfrow, Associate Professor of Sociology, and eight Wells students volunteered with the AIDS Ride for Life. The group worked the Montezuma—Verdi Signs pit stop where they served refreshments and cheered on the riders completing the full 100 mile course around Cayuga Lake. The event raised over $230,000 for the Southern Tier AIDS Program. This is the second year that Professor Renfrow and students have volunteered with the ride.

Christina Wahl, Associate Professor of Biology, in August served as a reviewer for a CAREER grant proposal on behalf of the National Science Foundation.

Also in August, Professor Wahl prepared a poster for the Empire State Honey Producers (ESHPA) on the topic of "Honey Bee Anatomy and Honey Bee Health" which was on display throughout the New York State Fair under the Wells College logo. Professor Wahl donated an ancient type of beehive called a "skep" with information on how it was used for display at the ESHPA booth. She also volunteered at the NYS Fair for four days, during which she educated visitors on the biology of the bee, the nature of honey, and explained how honeys differ depending on what type(s) of plant contribute the nectar that bees use to make honey. Professor Wahl was proud to sell her comb honey for the first time at the Fair this year, thus renewing a family tradition that extends back through four generations of Wahl family beekeepers.

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