Faculty Accomplishments: March 2021

Gehan Dhameeth, associate professor of business, co-authored and published the following three research papers:

  • Dhameeth, G.S., Diasz, L., & Pieries, W.N.J. (2021) "Measuring Mediating Effects of Intrapreneurship Mindset and Skills on Organizational Performance and Growth: An Empirical Investigation on Indigenous Organizations in Sri Lanka" – Journal of Research in Economics and Management, 6(1), pp.140-153. ISSN 2470-4407 (Print) ISSN 2470-4393 (Online). DOI:10.22158/rem.v6n1p140
  • Dhameeth, G.S., & Diasz, L. (2021) "U.S. Real GDP Growth and Impact of Covid-19" - Journal of Research in Economics and Management, 6(2), pp.20-27. ISSN 2470-4407 (Print) ISSN 2470-4393 (Online). DOI:10.22158/rem.v6n2p20 - URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.22158/rem.v6n1p20
  • Dhameeth, G.S., & Diasz, L. (2021) "The Role of Managerial Accountants and the Implementation and Monitoring of the Balanced Scorecard Metrics: A Literature Review" - Journal of Research in Economics and Management, 6(2), pp.28-40. ISSN 2470-4407 (Print) ISSN 2470-4393 (Online). DOI:10.22158/rem.v6n2p28 - URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.22158/rem.v6n1p28

Siouxsie Easter, professor of theatre and dance, directed the new play Greek Tragedy by Lia Romeo as a part of the College Collaboration Program with the Farm Theater. She also hosted producer/playwright Padraic Lillis on-campus for workshops for our students and alums. Greek Tragedy won five awards from the Theatre Association of New York State (TANYS), including excellence in directing for Professor Easter.

Niamh O'Leary, professor of environmental science, attended the Owasco Lake Watershed Association's annual Bob Brower Scientific Symposium in March 2021. The event provides a forum for exchange on issues affecting the Finger Lakes, including water quality, invasive species and lake management plans.

Jackie Schnurr, professor of biology and environmental science, had another multiple-author paper based on research conducted by students in her Ecology and Evolution course (BIOL 119). The paper is titled "Correlates of Bird Collisions with Buildings across Three North American Countries" and was published in Conservation Biology with J.A. Elmore as primary author.

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