December 2012 Faculty Accomplishments

Professor of English Bruce Bennett's villanelle, "The Thing's Impossible," which originally appeared in the Fall 2011 issue of Ploughshares, was published in the annual Pushcart Prize Anthology, The Pushcart Prize XXXVII: Best of the Small Presses. Professor Bennett also published poems in The Healing Muse and the "End Of The World" issue of River Styx. He read at the launch of The Healing Muse in Syracuse, N.Y., on October 24. His essay "Thomas Hardy's Artistry in 'The Darkling Thrush,'" which was presented last June at the West Chester Poetry Conference, has been published in Contemporary Poetry Review (online).

Gerardo T. Cummings, Assistant Professor of Spanish, was invited by editor Aaron Crowell to contribute a brief article on Mexican wrestling (and horror film) legend "El Santo" that is part of a larger piece titled "The ABCs of '70's Exploitation." The piece will be published in Horrorhound Magazine's issue #39 in 2013.

William Ganis, Associate Professor of Art History, had his review of the "Between Life and Death" exhibition of paintings by Kristine Moran at the Daniel Faria Gallery, Toronto, ON, published in the "Critics' Picks" column of Artforum, in November 2012.

Cynthia J. Koepp, Professor of History, attended the 12th annual "Reacting to the Past" conference that took place at Barnard College (June 7-10, 2012), where many faculty gathered to experience a new pedagogy developed around games and role-playing. While there she participated in two role-playing workshops focused on controversies surrounding two major figures in the history of science: Galileo and Charles Darwin. On October 18th at the Thursday Club of Aurora, she presented a talk entitled "Bicycles and Bloomers," that looked at the "New Woman" of the late 19th century and the newly-invented bicycle as a vehicle for female liberation. On November 13th, she participated in the Fall 2012 Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement day, by giving a talk entitled "Engaging a New Pedagogy," that reviewed her recent experiences in an SC 101 seminar that adopted the model of "Reacting to the Past" as developed at Barnard College.

Daniel Renfrow, Associate Professor of Sociology, was invited to write two essays for the Encyclopedia of Social Deviance, edited by Heith Copes and Craig Forsyth. He co-authored one essay with Dylan Bruce '13.

Professor Renfrow was invited to join the editorial board for Canadian Social Science. In addition, he has recently reviewed manuscripts for the American Journal of Sociology and Polity Press.

Niamh O' Leary, Professor-Environmental Studies, presented a poster at the 39th Annual Fall Scientific Paper Session of the Rochester Academy of Science in November. The work presented was co-authored with Sharon Vitello '12 and Sharon Anderson of Cornell Cooperative Extension. The poster was titled "Charting a New Energy Future in Caroline, NY: Planning and Evaluating a Public Participation Process."

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