Center for Sustainability: Sustainability Events Archive

Wells College has offered our community many sustainability-related learning opportunities. 


November 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: Regenerative Agriculture in Action

October 22
Sustainability Film series: A Fierce Green Fire

October 21
Sustainability Perspectives series: Purpose-Led Careers: Fact or Fiction?
Presenter: Monica Touesnard, associate director, Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise, Cornell University

September 17
Sustainability Speaker series: Drawdown Rising: Solutions, Leadership, and a Path Forward for the Climate Crisis
Katherine Wilkinson, VP for Communications and Engagement, Project Drawdown

September 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: Our Changing Menu: What Climate Change Means to the Foods we Love and Need
Presenter: Mike Hoffman, executive director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions

September 19
Sustainable Business series: Financing the Clean Energy Transition and the Role of State and Local Green Banks
Curtis Probst, Co-CEO, NYCEEC

September 16
Sustainability Perspectives series: Protecting and Promoting Water Resources of the Finger Lakes
Presenter: Lisa Cleckner, director, Finger Lakes Institute

September 11
Sustainability Film series: Once Was Water

September 9
Sustainability Perspectives series: What is a Waterway Anyway?
Presenter: Daniel Rinn, PhD candidate, Department of History, University of Rochester
Presentation slides  Presentation notes

April 29
Sustainability senior capstone presentation: The Misconception about Non-Native Species
Presenter: Curtis Davis '19, double major in Biology and Sustainability

April 26
Sustainability Film series: A Quest for Meaning

April 22
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Promise of Silvopasture
Presenter: Steve Gabriel, farmer, extension specialist for Cornell Small Farms Program, and author of "Silvopasture: A Guide to Managing Grazing Animals, Forage Crops, and Trees in a Temperate Farm Ecosystem"

April 17
Sustainable Business series: Sustainable Wine Making in the Finger Lakes - Challenges and Opportunities
Presenter: Peter FitzRandolph, wine industry consultant, Finger Lakes Sustainable Strategies

April 8
Sustainability Perspectives series: Alive or Undead? Wild Food Foraging and the Fear of a Zombie Apocalypse
Presenter: Taylor Reid, assistant professor of Applied Food Studies, Culinary Institute of America

April 1
Sustainability Perspectives series: “God’s in his heaven— All’s right with the world”: The power of story in communicating climate change
Presenter: Fae Dremock, assistant professor, Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

March 27
Sustainable Business series: Integrating Sustainability into Small/Medium-sized Businesses in NYS
Presenters: Hormoz Movassaghi, professor of Finance and International Business and Narges Kasiri, associate professor of Management, Ithaca College School of Business

March 25
Sustainability Perspectives series: Recycling is Mightier than the Sword
Presenter: Theresa Evans, recycling specialist, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) 

March 21
Sustainable Business series: What Businesses Can Do to Reduce their Climate Change Impacts
Presenter: Mark Buckley, Founder and CEO, One Boat Collaborative; former VP for Environmental Affairs, Staples Inc.

March 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: Fashion Sustainability Optimism: On Pace for a Healthier Fashion Industry
Presenter: Laura Taylor, instructor of Fashion Business Merchandising, Genesee Community College

February 18
Seed Starting workshop
Presenter: Jessie Cramer, horticulture program manager, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

February 18
Sustainability Perspectives series:  The State of Environmental Policy and Sustainable Land Use Policy in NY
Presenter: Rachel Partington '13, J.D., attorney, Knauf Shaw LLP

February 11
Sustainability Perspectives series: Change is in the Air: Global Climate Change from a NY Perspective
Presenter: Art DeGaetano, director, NOAA Northeast Regional Climate Center

February 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainable Architecture - exploring and unraveling elements of healthy, livable and resilient buildings and communities
Presenter: Dennis Andrejko, head, Department of Architecture, Golisano Institute for Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology


November 12
Sustainability Perspectives series: Principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth for a Sustainable Cayuga
Presenter: J. Justin Woods, county administrator, Cayuga County

November 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: Changing How Schools Feed Kids: Healthy & Sustainable!
Presenter: Amie Hamlin, executive director, NY Coalition for Healthy School Food

October 29
Sustainability Perspectives series: Introducing WELL: Putting the Human First
Presenter: Courtney Royal, WELL AP, LEED AP BD+C, senior sustainability consultant, TAITEM Engineering

October 25
Sustainable Business series: From Ecological Overshoot to Future-Proof Businesses
Presenter: Jussi Nikula, Environmental Footprint Programme lead, World Wildlife Fund-FInland
* Mr. Nikula's appearance at Wells College was made possible through the Fulbright Scholar Program's Outreach Lecturing Fund. 

October 24
Sustainability Film series: How to Let Go of the World and Love the Things Climate Can't Change

October 22
Sustainability Perspectives series: Opening More Sustainable Doors (and Windows)
Presenter: Deb Callahan '85, CEO, National Fenestration Rating Council

October 15
Sustainability Perspectives series: Climate Change Attitudes and Social Networks
Presenter: Scott Erickson, professor of Marketing, Ithaca College

 October 1
Sustainability Perspectives series: Thinking Historically, Acting Locally: The Power of Local Environmental History
Presenter: Michael Smith, associate professor, Department of History, Ithaca College

September 26
Sustainable Business series: The Future is Grown
Presenter: Gavin McIntyre, co-founder and chief scientist, Ecovative Design September 24

September 24
Sustainability Perspectives series: What is an Energy Smart Community?
Presenter: Charleen Heidt, community outreach coordinator, Energy Smart Community program, New York State Electric and Gas

September 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: Resource and Waste Implications of the Consumer Electronic Product Ecosystem
Presenter: Callie Babbitt, associate professor of sustainability, Golisano Institute of Technology, RIT

September 12
Sustainability Film: The Secret of the Oceans - Climate Control

September 10
Sustainability Perspectives series: Municipal Sustainability in Ithaca NY
Presenter: Nick Goldsmith, sustainability coordinator, City of Ithaca and Town of Ithaca 

April 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: Long-term Changes in Mountain Ecosystems - Human-landscape Interactions
Presenter: Jana Müllerová, Institute of Botany, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
* Dr. Müllerová's appearance at Wells College was made possible through the Fulbright Scholar Program's Outreach Lecturing Fund. 

April 25
Sustainability Film series: FLOW - For the Love of Water 

April 22-28
Earth Week programming

April 23
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Future of Reproductive Rights in an Era with CRISPR
Presenter: Jonathan Mills '18, senior Sustainability major capstone presentation, Wells College

April 16
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability and Our Food
Presenter: Meg Lowe, sustainability coordinator, Syracuse University; Zainab Pixler and Andrew Greenwald, students, Syracuse University

April 9
Sustainability Perspectives series: Roots and Fruits: The Foundations and Evolution of a Sustainable School
Presenter: Barb Post '78 and Alyssa Binns Gunderson, Peachtown Elementary School

April 9
Visiting Writers series: Ghost Fishing: An Eco-Justice Poetry Anthology
Presenters: Melissa Tuckey, poet and editor of Ghost Fishing, and Mukoma Wa Nugugi, assistant professor of English, Cornell University
This event co-sponsored by the Center for Sustainability and the Environment

 April 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability in NYS Parks
Presenters: Michael Wise, director of Energy and Sustainability, NYS Parks and Fred Bonn, director, Finger Lakes Parks

March 26 (this talk was canceled - has been rescheduled for Fall 2018)
Sustainability Perspectives series: Opening More Sustainable Doors (and Windows)
Presenter: Deb Callahan '85, CEO, National Fenestration Ratings Council

March 2 (this talk was canceled - has been rescheduled for Fall 2018)
Sustainability Perspectives series: Municipal Sustainability in Ithaca NY 
Presenter: Nick Goldsmith, sustainability coordinator, City of ithaca and Town of Ithaca

February 26
Sustainability Perspectives series: Making an Impact with Sustainable Supply Chains
Presenter: Patricia Donohue, sustainable supply chain program manager, NYS Pollution Prevention Institute

February 21
Sustainability Film series: Bag It! Is Your Life Too Plastic?

February 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: Climate Change, Careers in Green Buildings, and What More You Can Do
Presenter: Ian Shapiro, Taitem Engineering

February 12
Sustainability Perspectives series: Preservation - How History Sustains Us|
Presenter: Andrew Roblee' 11, Cultural Resources Associate, Environmental Design and Research

February 6
Sustainable Business series: The Transformative Power of ReUse
Presenter: Diane Cohen, executive director, Finger Lakes ReUse

February 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustaining Culture to Sustain the Community: The Case of Easter Island
Presenters: Carl Lipo and Pam Mischen, SUNY Binghamton


November 13
Sustainability Perspectives series: Hope for the Climate (even with a partisan Congress)
Presenter: Nancy Jacobson, Citizens Climate Lobby

November 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: Building Foundations of Sustainability in Kindergarten
Presenter: Heather Frost '09, outdoor education teacher, Ithaca Montessori School

November 1
Sustainability Film series:  Death By Design

October 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: A Living Experiment: What We Can Learn from EcoVillage Ithaca
Presenter: Liz Walker, co-founder and executive director, EcoVillage Ithaca; director, Learn@EcoVillage; author

October 23
Sustainable Business series: The Great Pivot: Freeing Up Humans to do Meaningful Work
Presenter: Dan Smolen, managing director, The Green Suits LLC

October 23
Sustainability Perspectives series: Conserving the Lands and Waters of the Finger Lakes
Presenter: Andrew Zepp, executive director, Finger Lakes Land Trust

October 16, 2017
Sustainability Perspectives series: A Virginia Master Gardener's Perspective: A Model for Public Education on Environmentally Sound Horticulture Practices
Presenter: Nancy Tillinghast '69, Virginia Master Gardener

October 4
Maker Day - an opportunity to come make things. We provide the materials; you supply the creativity.

October 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustainability in Practice: The DEC's Approach to Managing New York State's Waters
Presenter: Anthony Prestigiacomo, research scientist, Finger Lakes Water Hub

September 25
Sustainability Perspectives series: Gardening in a Changing Climate|
Presenter: Donna Levy, environmental education outreach coordinator, Cornell Botanic Gardens

September 19
Sustainable Business series: Extended Producer Responsibility: The Next Frontier in Solid Waste Management
Presenter: Andrew Radin, chair, NY Product Stewardship Council; director, Recycling and Waste Reduction, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

September 18
Sustainability Perspectives series: Revitalizing the Environment in Afghanistan
Presenter: Mariam Raqib '97, founder and director, Afghanistan Samsortya

September 11
Sustainability Perspectives series: Can Psychology Help Promote Homeowner Energy Conservation? Results from a town-gown collaborative experiment
Co-presenters: Kathryn Caldwell, assistant professor of Psychology, Ithaca College and Elisabeth Harrod, general manager, Snug Planet

April 24
Sustainability Perspectives series: Teaching critical thinking and media literacy through sustainability education|
Presenter: Chris Sperry, director of curriculum and staff development, Project LookSharp

April 20
Sustainability Film series: The Age of Consequences

April 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: The League of Women Voters and Effective Citizenship: Informed Work on Legislation, Lobbying and Educating the Public
Presenter: Kay Wagner, chair, Natural Resources Committee, League of Women Voters of Tompkins County

April 17 - 22  Earth Week 2017 

April 12
Sustainable Business series:  Fit, Fits, Foils and Fortune? Freestyling with Venture Capital around the Triple Bottom Line
Presenter: Pat Govang, Technology Licensing Officer, Cornell University; founder, E2E Materials

April 5
Community Solar presentation|
Presenter: Sarah Kelsen from Renovus Solar

 April 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: From Barn to Home: One Woman's Building Adventures
Presenter: Deborah Jones, artist and adaptive reuser

March 29
FNIS Speaker series: "Stopping Violence Against Native Women" (Skype conference)
Presenter: Winona LaDuke, rural development economist and author working on issues of sustainable development, renewable energy and food systems.
The Center for Sustainability was a co-sponsor for this First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) event.

March 27
Sustainability Perspectives series: Invasive Species: A Challenge to the Environment, Economy and Society
Presenter: Hilary Mosher, coordinator, Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM)

March 7
FNIS Speaker series: Healing for Peace
Presenter: Freida Jacques, Turtle Clan Mother, Onondaga Nation
The Center for Sustainability was a co-sponsor for this First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) event.

March 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: Demystifying Socially Responsible and Impact Investing
Presenter: Greg Pitts, financial advisor, Natural Investments, LLC

February 27
Sustainability Perspectives series: Resilient Seeds in a Changing Climate
Presenter: Petra Page-Mann, co-founder, Fruition Seeds

February 23
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: the basics and an update on the current NYS infestation
Presenter: Stefan Lutter, Environmental Resource educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Cayuga County

February 20
Sustainability Perspectives series: Redemption! The recovery of America's Most Polluted Natural Lake
Presenter: Tom Vawter, associate scientist, EcoLogic LLC, and emeritus faculty, Wells College

February 13
Sustainability Perspectives series: Thinking Spatially
Presenter: Nick Hollingshead, geospatial analyst, Cornell University

February 8
FNIS Speaker series: Why I Went to Standing Rock: Reflections from An Air Force Veteran and Climate Warrior
Presenter: Air Force Senior Master Sgr. Colleen Boland, retired
The Center for Sustainability and the Environment was a co-sponsor of this First Nations and Indigenous Studies (FNIS) event.

February 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: Organics and Food Waste: Successfully Turning a Waste Problem into a Resource Opportunity
Presenter: Greg Gelewski, recycling operations manager, Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency

January 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: Reflections on the Paris Agreement: What's Next
Presenter: Allison Chatrchyan, director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions


November 14
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Language of Waste, Consumption, & Sustainability
Presenter: Deb Gagnon, professor, Psychology, Wells College

November 7
Sustainability Perspectives series: Auburn Permaculture Park: A source for Community Transformation
Presenters: Peter Cramer and Laura Kennedy, co-founders, Auburn Permaculture Park

November 1
Sustainability Film series: Just Eat It

October 26
Hydrilla Update - Cayuga Lake Intermunicipal Organization meeting

October 25
Sustainability Film series: The True Cost

October 24
Sustainability Perspectives series: Oxygen and Early Animals: Modern Implications of Ancient Geologic Records
Presenter: Shuhai Xiao, professor, Geobiology, Virginia Tech (Phi Beta Kappa speaker)

October 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: Sustenance and Sustainability - A Personal Reflection on Food, Wellness and Sustainability
Presenter: Laticia McNaughton, SUNY Buffalo (Wells In-Residence scholar) 

October 6
Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables
Presenter: Monika Roth, agriculture educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County

October 4
Sustainable Business series: How Money Responds to Climate Risk
Presenter: Vita DeMarchi, managing partner, Synapse Partners LLC

October 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Importance of Getting outdoors: and why it's not always so easy
Presenter: Rachel Danford, outdoor educator, The Discovery Museums

September 26
Sustainability Perspectives series: Cayuga Lake is not Forever - We Must Protect it Better
Presenter: Hilary Lambert, Lake Steward, Cayuga Lake Watershed Network

September 24
Natural Dye Workshop
Presenter: Sarah Gotowka, visual artist

September 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: Haudenosaunee Biocultural Restoration
Presenter: Neil Patterson, associate director, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, SUNY-ESF

September 13
Sustainable Business series: Sustainable Sweets (improving the candy industry one truffle at a time)
Presenter: Darlynne Overbaugh '01, owner and head confectioner, Life's So Sweet Chocolates

September 12
Sustainability Perspectives series: Harnessing the Power of the Earth and Sun: geothermal systems and battery storage
Presenter: Jesse Cook, president, Geotherm Inc.

September 5
Peachtown Native American Festival presentation:  "Mni Wiconi" - Water is Life
Presenter: Cody Two Bears, member, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council

April 25
Sustainability Perspectives series: Breaking Down Compost – the ins and outs of soiling our earth
Presenter: Kurt Pipa, Master Composter

April 18
Sustainability Perspectives series: Management and Citizen Science at New York State Parks
Presenters: Tom Hughes and Josh Teeter, New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

April 11
Sustainability Perspectives series: Terra Preta de Indio – pre-historic curio or future landuse model?
Presenter: Dr. Johannes Lehmann, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences, Cornell University

April 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Feasibility of Aquaponic Food Production in New York
Presenter: Paula Turkon, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

 March 28
Sustainability Perspectives series: Local Bugs, Local Jobs
Presenter: Carol Glenister, IPM Laboratories, Inc.

March 7
Sustainability Perspectives series: "An All-of-the-Above Renewable Energy Future" 
Art Weaver, co-founder and president, Weaver Wind Energy Inc.

February 29
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Sustainability Ethics"
Ron Meyers, Ron Meyers & Associates, Inc.

February 22
Sustainability Perspectives series: "What's in Cayuga Lake? A look into the pharmaceutical and consumer products in the Cayuga Lake watershed"
Susan Allen-Gil, professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

February 15
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Debrief from the 2015 AASHE Conference"
Stephen Armstrong '16 and Holli Erkson '16, students, Wells College

February 8
Sustainable Business series: "Role of Business in Designing a Sustainable Economy"
Laura Ornstein, coordinator, New York State Sustainable Business Council

February 8
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Gendered and Racialized Spaces: Understanding the Experiences of women in the New York City Community Garden Environment"
Richaela Primus '12, Master's candidate, SUNY-School of Environmental Science and Forestry

February 1
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Recycling of Used Agricultural Plastics in New York"
Nate Leonard, NYS Field Coordinator, NYRAPP

January 26
Deer and Deer Management in New York State - Session 2
Wells College hosted this community webinar offered by NYS DEC, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Cornell Human Dimensions Research Unit

January 20
Deer Management in New York State - Session 1 
Wells College hosted this community webinar offered by NYS DEC, Cornell Cooperative Extension, and Cornell Human Dimensions Research Unit


November 30
Sustainability Perspectives series: “Sustainable Burial? Way to Go!”
Jennifer L. Johnson, Co-director and Burial Coordinator, Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve

November 16
Sustainability Perspectives series:  "Learning How to Mourn Environmental Losses"
Nancy Menning, assistant professor, philosophy and religion, Ithaca College

November 9
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Invasive Threats to Water Quality"
Bruce Natale, P.E., Environmental Engineer, Cayuga County Planning and Economic Development

November 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: “Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests”
Steve Gabriel, co-founder, Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute and agroforestry specialist, Cornell Small Farms Program

October 26  (this talk was canceled due to speaker conflict; not rescheduled)
Sustainability Perspectives series: “You, Your Brain and the World All Around”
David Mumm, founder, Aurora Institute for Accelerating Human Development

October 21
Sustainability Speaker series: "Turning the Tide - How Young Leaders are Winning a Just and Livable Future"
Dominic Frongillo, Elected Officials to Protect New York

October 19
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Informed Consumer and Active Citizen - Essential Paths to Toxics Protections" 
Rebecca Ruggles, director, Maryland Environmental Health Network

October 7
Sustainability Film: Cowspiracy

October 5
Sustainability Perspectives series: 
"Does a River Still Run Through It?  Water and Culture Along the Upper Missouri"
Ernie Olson, professor, anthropology and religion, Wells College

September 28
Sustainability Perspectives series: 
“Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture”   
Peter Wright, State Conservation Engineer, Natural Resources Conservation Service, US Department of Agriculture

September 23
Sustainable Business series: "Sustainability at Wegmans"
Jason Wadsworth, Sustainability Manager, Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.

September 21
Sustainability Perspectives series: 
"Restoration and Reciprocity: Finding Common Ground between Scientific and Traditional Ecological Knowledge"
Robin Wall Kimmerer, director, Center for Native Peoples and the Environment, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
* this talk was presented in conjunction with the Peachtown Native American Festival

 September 14
Sustainability Perspectives series: “A Return to Meaningful Work as a Strategy for Achieving Sustainability”
Kent Klitgaard, professor, economics, Wells College

April 14
Sustainability Speaker series: "The Whole Fracking Enchilada"
Sandra Steingraber, author of "Living Downstream"

April 9
Sustainable Business series: “Staples’ Sustainability Story… the Continuous Journey”
Mark Buckley, VP for Environmental Affairs, Staples Inc.

April 6
Sustainable Business series:  “Adventures in Clean Tech Investing”
Terence Cryan, managing director, Concert Energy Partners

March 30
Entrepreneurship Week Keynote Speaker: "Do Cool Sh*t"
Miki Agrawal, serial social entrepreneur

March 20 
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Knowledge, Perceptions, and Behaviors towards Sustainability: A Comparative Analysis"
Srijana Bajracharya, professor and chair, Health Promotion and Physical Education, Ithaca College

March 19
Sustainability Film series: "Comfort Zone" with filmaker talk-back

March 18
Sustainable Business series:  “How to Build a Purpose-Led Marketing Platform”
Jim Armstrong, founder, Good For Business

March 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: "From Lab to Regulation: How Should Science Inform Policy?" 
Jay Goodman, associate counsel, Couch White LLP

February 24
Seed Saving Workshop
Chrys Gardener, Commercial/Community Horticulture Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County 

February 20
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Sustainability Science"
Jason Hamilton, professor and chair, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College

February 6
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Learning from Hach Winik: Tales of Naturalized Knowledge and Scientific Research"
Tomasz Falkowski , PhD candidate, SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry

February 4
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Organic Gardening: Why it Matters and How to Do It"
Rosaly Swann Bass '58, author of "Organic!"


December 3
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Lighten Your Study Abroad Footprint"
Astrid Jirka, director, Cornell University Language House and founder, Green Passport

October 31
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Permaculture: Designing with Systems"
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan, SEEDS (Strategy, Education, & Ecological Design for Sustainability) Consulting and Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute  

October 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Sustain This! Making Math Matter"
Tom Pfaff, associate professor of mathematics, Ithaca College

October 2
Sustainability Perspectives series: "Reimaging Water"
Mara Alper, associate professor of media arts, sciences and studies, Ithaca College

September 23
Sustainability Film: "Disruption, Climate Change"

September 17
Sustainability Perspectives series: "The Iroquois White Corn Project"
Kevin White, assistant professor, Native American & American Studies, SUNY Oswego

September 3
Sustainability Perspectives series:  "Linking Architecture and Education: Sustainable Design for Learning"
Anne P. Taylor '55, Ph.D., president, School Zone Institute 


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