Center for Sustainability: Sustainability Events Upcoming

Wells offers a robust schedule of sustainability-related events each semester.

Due to the lingering impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, some academic year 2022-23 events will continue to be "virtual" with presenters delivering their talk over the internet. 
The virtual presentation platform for most of these hosted events will be 
Near the time shown, click on "Join a Meeting" on the site and enter the event link coordinates that are listed below each event description to enter the "meeting". 

Stay tuned. We are continuing to build our EXCITING Spring 2023 calendar of events!


January 27, 2023     12:30PM    Stratton Hall Room 209
Science ColloquiumAdventures in Africa – Drilling Water Wells while Exploring the Culture and Wildlife of Tanzania
Presenter: David A. V. Eckhardt, retired hydrogeologist, U.S. Geological Survey
*this presenter is being hosted by the Center for Sustainability and the Environment

January 30, 2023                               12:30PM  Via ZOOM
Sustainability Perspectives series: Challenging Pronatalism: The Key to Advancing Reproductive Rights and a Sustainable Population
Presenter: Nandita Bajaj, executive director, Population Balance
Zoom #:
817 1778 8834   passcode: K1THHT+W

February 3, 2023                           12:30PM   Stratton Hall Room 209
Science Colloquium: What Local Ecological Knowledge Tells Us about Ecological Change
Presenter: Jason Hamilton, professor, Environmental Studies and Science, Ithaca College
* this presenter is being hosted by the Center for Sustainability and the Environment

February 9, 2023                          7:00PM   via Zoom
Sustainability Speaker:  Climate Justice: Multiracial Movement-Building for the Win
Presenter: Aya de Leon, poet, writer, editor, environmental justice activist       bio
Zoom #: 820 8952 8929  passcode: XBj4K$h%
* This event is a collaboration with the Wells College Visiting Writers series, which will host Ms. de Leon for a 5:00PM Master Class via Zoom
Master Class Zoom #: 876 8469 9506  passcode: *G!Hp^1u:

March 6, 2023                         12:30PM via Zoom
Sustainability Perspectives series: The Weather Business - TV to Private Consulting
Presenter: Wayne Mahar, founder and president, Precision Weather Service
Zoom # 
844 6266 4616   passcode:  rT9e*6kT

March 30, 2023                      7:00PM  Dewitt Lecture Room 106, Zabriskie Hall
Sustainability Film series:
Haida Modern
Organic popcorn and organic butter served

April 10, 2023                        12:30PM via Zoom
Sustainability Perspectives series: How You Can Help Achieve a Zero-Waste Future
Presenter: Jesse Kerns, program manager, Syracuse University Center for Sustainable Community Solutions
Zoom # 
882 3560 3569    passcode: ?1w^.duS

April 17, 2023                          12:30PM  via Zoom
Sustainability Perspectives series: Highlights of the Biggest Climate Law in US History: What’s in it and what it means for you and the climate
Presenter: Carla Wise, founder and executive director, Power Up for Climate Solutions 
Zoom #: 880 8986 5970  passcode: t7=R.QAV

April 19, 2023                          7:00PM Dewitt Lecture Room 106, Zabriskie Hall
Sustainability Film series: Thirst for Justice
Organic popcorn and organic butter served 





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