Social and Economic Justice

This is an interdisciplinary minor that provides students with a broad understanding of the many issues found under the term “social justice” and the critical knowledge to recognize and end structural inequalities.
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Social and Economic Justice Minor

Professor L. McClusky, Coordinator

The total number of courses required for the minor is 8. (23-25 semester hours).


All of the following (8-10 sem. hrs.)

PHIL 240 Ethics (3 sem. hrs.)
SEJ 250 Introduction to Community Organizing (3 sem. hrs.)
SEJ 290 Internship in Social and Economic Justice (2-4 sem. hrs.)
or SEJ 390 Advanced Internship in Social and Economic Justice (2-4 sem. hrs.)

Four courses: two from one of the following categories, and two others from another of the following categories (12 sem. hrs.)


EDUC 320 Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice (3 sem. hrs.)
HIST 361 Voices of African-American Women (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 235 Social Deviance (3 sem. hrs.)
WGS 245 Body Politics (3 sem. hrs.)
WGS 260 Indigenous Women's Experiences (3 sem. hrs.)


ECON 209 Introduction to Political Economy (3 sem. hrs.)
HIST 215 The Growth of Industrial Society, 1750-Present (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 277 Social Inequality: Class and Ethnicity (3 sem. hrs.)


ECON 350 Economics of Developing Countries (3 sem. hrs.)
HIST 372 Colonial Encounters (3 sem. hrs.)
POLS 262 Politics in Developing Countries (3 sem. hrs.)


ANTH 359 The Pacific and Cultural Survival (3 sem. hrs.)
ECON 325 Ecological Economics and Political Ecology (3 sem. hrs.)
ENVR 340 Sustainable Agriculture (3 sem. hrs.)
INTL 350 Comparative Environmental Policy Analysis (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 335 Psychology of Environmental Sustainability (3 sem. hrs.)
RELG 330 Native Americans and the Environment (3 sem. hrs.)

One of the following courses (these are courses that are far reaching in issues of social justice) (3 sem. hrs.)

PHIL 310 Ethics, Law, and Social Policy (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 228 Social Problems (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 331 Mass Media and Society (3 sem. hrs.)
WGS 310 Feminist Methodologies: Intersectionalities (3 sem. hrs.)

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