Film and Media Studies

Through critical analysis of print and visual media, students who major in film and media studies learn the cultural implications of living in a “mediated society.”
Catalog Requirements Notice

The requirements listed on these pages may change by the year as programs and courses are added or altered. Archived Academic Catalogs for previous years can be viewed in pdf form here. These documents contains the specific academic requirements pertaining to those who entered the College before the current year.

As they produce their own works in journalistic and creative non-fiction writing, or in film, advertising, and public relations, students reflect their relationship with the culture of the media. Students who complete the major may adopt careers in advertising, public relations, journalism, freelance writing, film criticism, film production, or may choose to enter graduate programs in any of these areas.

Film and Media Studies Major

Total credit hours for the major are 40.5-43.5; students must take at least 6 courses at the 300 level. Students are strongly urged to choose a minor field. The total number of courses required for the major is 14.


All of the following: (22.5-24.5 sem. hrs.):

CS 105 HTML (1.5 sem. hrs.)
FMS 101 Introduction to Cinema Studies (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 102 Introduction to Media Studies (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 241 Reading Popular Film (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 270 Writing for the Mass Media (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 290 or FMS 390 Internship in Film and Media Studies (2-4 sem. hrs.)
FMS 401 Senior Project in Film and Media Studies (4 sem. hrs.)
SOC 228 Social Problems (3 sem. hrs.)

At least one course from each of the following areas  (15 sem. hrs.):

Applications and Techniques (3 sem. hrs.)

ART 260 Introduction to Darkroom Photography (3 sem. hrs.)
ART 261 Photographic Digital Imaging (3 sem. hrs.)
ART/BKRT 127 Introduction to Graphic Design (3 sem. hrs.)
BKRT 220 Digital Book and Graphic Design (3 sem. hrs.)
BUS 202 Principles of Marketing (3 sem. hrs.)
THEA 338 Methods of Directing (3 sem. hrs.)
THEA 130 Stagecraft (3 sem. hrs.)

Writing  (3 sem. hrs.)

CREA 275 Creative Nonfiction (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 285/385 Topics in Film and Media Studies (3 sem. hrs.)
JOUR 101 Writing to Be Read (3 sem. hrs.)

Film  (6 sem. hrs.)

FMS 220 Post-colonial African Cinema (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 281 Film and Literature (3 sem. hrs.)
FMS 320 Envisioning "The Other" in Film (3 sem. hrs.)
SPAN 204 Conversation and Composition through Film (3 sem. hrs.)
SPAN 370 Literature and Film: Two Ways of Telling a Story (3 sem. hrs.)

Cultural and Historical Perspectives (3 sem. hrs.)

ARTH 105 Art of Non-Western Cultures Survey (3 sem. hrs.)
BKRT 225 The History of the Book (3 sem. hrs.)
HIST 335 Popular Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1400-1800 (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 349 Cognition and Culture (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 235 Social Deviance (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 277 Social Inequality: Class and Ethnicity (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 315 Men and Masculinities (3 sem. hrs.)
SOC 355 Social Movements and Social Change (3 sem. hrs.)
WGS 245 Body Politics (3 sem. hrs.)
WGS 310 Feminist Methodologies: Intersectionalities (3 sem. hrs.)

One additional course from the following electives (3-4 sem. hrs.):

BUS 303 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (3 sem. hrs.)
ENGL 225 Shakespeare (3 sem. hrs.)
ENGL 304 Special Topics in American Drama (3 sem. hrs.)
PHIL 240 Ethics, Equality and Justice (3 sem. hrs.)
POLS 155 American Politics (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 101 General Psychology (3 sem. hrs.)
PSY 340 Psycholinguistics (3 sem. hrs.)
THEA 100 Introduction to Performing Arts (4 sem. hrs.)
WGS 148 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies (3 sem. hrs.)

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