Major and Minor Requirements

Wells College offers a number of majors and minors for students to choose from while crafting their educational experience.
Catalog Requirements Notice

The requirements listed on these pages may change by the year as programs and courses are added or altered. Archived Academic Catalogs for previous years can be viewed in pdf form here. These documents contains the specific academic requirements pertaining to those who entered the College before the current year.

Major and minor fields are tailored to give each student a comprehensive specialization in their chosen field while accounting for the diversity of knowledge required in today's society. Current majors and minors include:

Biological and Chemical Sciences

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Major (B.A., B.S.)
  • Biological and Chemical Sciences Major (B.A.)
  • Biological Sciences: Health Sciences (B.S.)
  • Biology Major (B.A., B.S.)
  • Chemistry Major (B.A., B.S.)
  • Biology Minor
  • Chemistry Minor


  • Business Major (B.S.)
  • Business Minor
  • Economics Minor
  • Management Minor

Cognitive and Brain Sciences Minor

Criminal Justice

  • Criminal Justice Major (B.A.)
  • Criminal Justice Minor


  • Inclusive Childhood Education Major (B.S.)
  • Education Minor
  • Adolescence Certification (grades 7-12)


  • English Major (B.A., with a concentration in Literature or Creative Writing)
  • Creative Writing Minor
  • English Minor

Environmental Science

  • Environmental Science Major (B.A.)
  • Environmental Science Minor

First Nation and Indigenous Studies Minor


  • Biological Sciences: Health Sciences (B.S.)
  • Health and Medical Ethics Minor
  • Health Care Management Minor
  • Holistic Health Studies Minor


  • History Major (B.A.)
  • History Minor

Individualized Majors

Mathematical and Physical Sciences

  • Computer Science Major (B.A.)
  • Mathematics Major (B.A.)
  • Physics Major (B.A.)
  • Computer Science Minor
  • Mathematics Minor
  • Physics Minor

Museum Studies Minor

Philosophy and Religion

  • Philosophy and Religion Minor
  • Religious Studies Minor

Political Science

  • Political Science Major (B.A.)
  • Political Science Minor


  • Psychology Major (B.A.)
  • Psychology Minor

Sociology and Anthropology

  • Sociology and Anthropology Major (B.A.)
  • Anthropology Minor
  • Sociology Minor


  • Spanish Minor

Sport Management Minor


  • Sustainable Business Minor
  • Sustainable Food Systems Minor
  • Sustainability Major (B.A.)
  • Sustainability Minor


  • Theatre Major (B.A.)
  • Theatre Minor

Visual Arts

  • Visual Arts Major (B.A., with a concentration in Art History, Book Arts, or Studio Art)
  • Art History Minor
  • Book Arts Minor
  • Studio Art Minor
  • Visual Communication Minor

Women's, Transgender and Queer Studies

  • Women's, Transgender and Queer Studies Major (B.A.)
  • Women's, Transgender and Queer Studies¬†Minor


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