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Catalog Requirements Notice

The requirements listed on these pages may change by the year as programs and courses are added or altered. Archived Academic Catalogs for previous years can be viewed in pdf form here. These documents contains the specific academic requirements pertaining to those who entered the College before the current year.

Institutional and Academic Program Goals

Student Learning Goals

At Wells, the development of each individual student is supported through an exploration of how to understand the world in intellectual and personal pursuits and how to apply that knowledge in an interconnected and ever-changing world. The breadth of a liberal arts foundation, depth of focused knowledge, and a developed skill set prepare students for their futures.


1. Breadth of knowledge: Understanding the physical world, cultures, individuals, personal health and well being

2. Depth in field: Developing expertise in a chosen major field

3. Career preparation:
Acquiring substantive and professional competence

Essential Skills

1. Fundamental literacies

  • The ability to read critically across the disciplines
  • The ability to employ effectively oral, written and expressive communications
  • The ability to identify and evaluate relevant information

2. Critical thinking and application

  • The ability to use reasoning and evaluative skills in distinctive modes of inquiry and analysis

3. Ethical decision making

  • The ability to reason wisely and act humanely

4. Creativity

  • The ability to transcend established understandings to discover something new

5. Metacognitive

The ability to use self- reflective skills to understand what one knows, how one learns, and how to use resources effectively and to seek help

6. Skills and beliefs to navigate living and working in community

  • The ability to engage in problem solving and to work in a team environment
  • The ability to manage time effectively and to possess a positive work ethic
  • The ability to offer and accept constructive criticism, to possess self-confidence, be flexible, adapt quickly and work well under pressure

When Students Graduate

They leave as being lifelong learners with the ability and initiative to create, share, and apply knowledge prepared for the life ahead of them. They are aware of the responsibility they have to themselves and others to share the privilege of their education. With a communal consciousness, they are motivated to make a difference and improve the world around them. They understand the past and the present in order to envision the future.

Institutional Responsibilities

In order for students to achieve the above learning goals, Wells College will:

1. Provide a student-centered learning environment

  • Curricular and co-curricular offerings that provide solid fundamentals to help students forge their educational paths preparing them for their careers and responsible citizenship
  • Hands-on opportunities that expand learning beyond the classroom and beyond Wells
  • Learning resources and services to facilitate students' achievement
  • A personalized education achieved through advising and mentoring in which students discover their capabilities and they become accountable for themselves, their education, and for their future as individuals and citizens
  • An environment for students that not only allows mistakes but supports risk taking as an essential element to learning

2. Provide a talented faculty and staff who create community, practice inclusiveness, and hold students and themselves to high standards

3. Maintain an infrastructure for the College that supports the learning environment both in and out of the classroom in terms of its facilities and technologies and managing the College's resources prioritizing teaching and learning

4. Have clear policies and user-friendly procedures that meet the needs of the campus community

5. Provide a safe, congenial environment for all of its members

Institutional Core Values

As an institution of higher education, Wells College values the following:

1. Learning founded on challenging and intellectual inquiry, requiring active student engagement, done with honor, and resulting in a transformative experience

2. Continuing emotional, intellectual and social development which involves self-reflection and continual adaptation

3. Community and the relationships and social interactions built in community

4. An awareness and sensitivity to differences that encourages open-mindedness and responsible action

5. Creativity

6. People as unique individuals

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