Vision, Mission and Purpose


These strategies build on the Wells College mission, purpose and vision:


The Wells College mission continues to be relevant and will remain unchanged. Our mission is to educate students to think critically, reason wisely, and act humanely as they cultivate meaningful lives.


The purpose of Wells College is to provide a uniquely personal residential undergraduate high quality offering characterized by small size, rural location, and a liberal arts curriculum.


The board’s vision is that Wells will be a strong and thriving residential undergraduate liberal arts college for generations to come, supported by revenues from a diverse portfolio of educational programs that respond to changing educational trends and are consistent with Wells’ mission and purpose.

Building on this mission, purpose and vision, our overall strategy is therefore to strengthen Wells College’s core residential undergraduate liberal arts offering while at the same time to diversify its revenue portfolio in order to support the prosperity of this core residential undergraduate liberal arts offering. The Strategic Plan includes priorities that build on our Mission and Purpose and transforms our economic model for future prosperity.

Strategic growth building blocks include:
● Investment in our campus capacity plan while developing more flexible opportunities that align with our mission
● Address the macro trends for higher education in the Wells regional market including workforce development and global education
● Develop the long-term financial model including the investment requirements to achieve long-term growth and sustained performance