Financial and Data Resources

Strategic Objective #4

“Build and steward our financial and data resources to deliver positive operating margins” 


The higher education market has experienced nine consecutive years of enrollment decline on a national basis. For Wells to thrive, we must understand and close the operational, financial and infrastructure gaps.

Strategic Initiatives

4.1 Complete and implement a strategic donor funding plan by June 2021

4.2 Complete and implement a strategic grant funding plan by June 2021

4.3 Complete and implement a strategic campus property master plan to guide new campus investments or other actions to maintain campus property, in service of the College’s mission and purpose

4.4 Expand ancillary revenue programs building on book arts, the virtual “Learning by the Lake” series and other programs to become a year-round campus in the “post-COVID” era

4.5 Expand ancillary revenue programs building on facility rentals

4.6 Develop and implement a strategic integrated data plan to improve data-informed decision-making and assessment

4.7 Update our alumni engagement portal

4.8 Improve the Handshake platform for student career success

4.9 Establish a property/asset database

4.10 Complete a “prosperity gap” analysis and develop long-term (defined as an eight years projection) financial road map that defines Wells College as a thriving institution

Impacted Outcomes

• Finance
• Deferred Maintenance 

Team Members

Christopher Bailey
Desmond Cummins
Gehan Dhameeth
Erinn Ryen
Kelly Brown
Brian Brown
Marian Brown
Jon Gans
Michelle Landers
Emily Mattison
Kevin Miles
Pamela Sheridan ’86
Melinda Slawson
Dan Wentworth
Susan Weatherby
Amari Kelly ’21
Scarlett Lonsky ’23
Sloane Bailey ’86
Wendy Baker ’75
Mary K. Pastore Cryan ’84
Eliza Heppner ’06
Joanne Kelley ’83
Randy Kissell
Heather Kowalski ’90
Renée Forgensi Minarik ’80
Gail Pesyna ’70
Kara Reynolds ’20
Christin Schaaf ’99