Enrollment Enhancement

Strategic Objective #2

“Invest in Enrollment Enhancement Initiatives to Increase First-year and Transfer Enrollment and Overall Student Retention”


The short- and long-term viability of Wells College is dependent on increasing residential undergraduate enrollment. In addition to ensuring the effectiveness of current recruitment tactics, enhancements are needed to capitalize on the unique advantages of Wells’ size, location and new/existing enrollment partnerships.

Strategic Initiatives

2.1 Invest in a regional marketing campaign to increase spring 2021 campus visitation and fall 2021 first-year and transfer enrollment

2.2 Strengthen the successful Syracuse Pathways program and pursue similar admissions agreements with other relevant institutions

2.3 Implement strategic retention initiatives aimed at targeted, high-risk students

2.4 Evaluate and revise application and enrollment policies to remove barriers and encourage transfer student enrollment including mid-year transfers

Impacted Outcomes

  • Enrollment (recruiting new students + retention of current students)
  • Financial
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion