A Culture of Belonging

Strategic Objective #3

“Embody a culture of belonging that empowers all to thrive”


To commit to creating and sustaining a campus culture characterized by outstanding commitment to equity, inclusion and belonging for all is to invest in consistently and comprehensively enacting the Wells core values. An inclusive and empowering culture supports the recruitment and retention of students, faculty and staff who desire to belong within and contribute to a thriving learning community where diversity of identity and thought are celebrated, valued strengths.

An equitable culture of belonging depends upon continuous improvement of its policies and practices; ongoing action to address and eliminate bias; and commitment to self-reflection and constant learning on the part of every member of the Wells community. Such a culture supports the attainment of institutional prosperity by addressing many of the immediate challenges to recruitment and retention, and by enhancing the clarity and desirability of Wells College’s differentiating qualities within an increasingly competitive and homogenous market.

Strategic Initiatives

3.1 Complete an institution-wide strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); strengthen performance review process and incorporate contributions to DEI

3.2 Implement programming to enhance DEI outcomes including reading groups, the applied theatre ensemble, and roundtable discussions

3.3 Complete a comprehensive “workplace of choice” initiative to ensure appropriate compensation for employees, and workplace policies and practices that are equitable and aligned to the values, purpose and strategic objectives of Wells College

3.4 Increase engagement with the Village of Aurora by developing new inter-community programming and partnerships

3.5 Develop an “inclusive excellence” certificate program

Impacted Outcomes

  • Enrollment (recruiting new students + retention of current students)
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Team Members


Siousxie Easter
Leah Elliott
Phillip Guingona
Tara Kohn
Kerr Mesner
Vic Muñoz
Ernie Olson

Judy Bailey
Terri Culver
Giavarna Faison ’14
Samantha Hall ’18
André Lynch
Leah Mackin
Rachel Porter ’06
Tara Ruckh
Kit Van Orman

Kaylen Furr ’21
Aliah Gilkes Richardson ’21
Jazzmyne Williams ’21

Alexis Boyce ’04
Kristin Keiswetter Clark ’93
Katie Fong ’06
Talyse Hampton ’09
Joanne Kelley ’83
Christin Schaaf ’99
Steve Zabriskie