Areas of Focus


In July 2020, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee  defined the following as the primary expected strategic outcomes of its work; these areas of focus were approved both by the Board of Trustees and the President’s Cabinet. By August, the group developed a set of primary strategic objectives, based on these areas of focus, and linking each to a set of expected outcomes:


Increase the total Wells enrollment to a minimum of 500 students by increasing the number of new students as well as improving upper-class student retention

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Increase faculty and staff diversity to reflect the Wells student community, and ensure equitable practices and policies are implemented


Be financially stable and sustainable; be cash-positive and provide positive operating net income for sustainable funds to grow and maintain the College


Be recognized regionally for the advantages of the Wells location in Aurora, N.Y. and our partnerships and teaching excellence that offer our students differentiated learning and career opportunities