Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees, 2019-2020
Trustees in regalia at President Gibralter's Inauguration

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Carrie A. Bolton '92, Chair
Senior Manager, Vanguard Financial
Lancaster, Pa.

Hon. Renee Forgensi Minarik '80, Vice Chair
Judge, New York State Court of Claims
Rochester, N.Y.

Sarah J. Jankowski '92, Secretary
Partner and Chief Administrative Officer, Frontier Capital Management Co. LLC
Boston, Mass.


Wendy A. Baker '75
Retired Reinsurance Executive
Bluffton, S.C.

Karen Frankel Blum '67
Professor Emerita of Law, Suffolk University Law School
Boston, Mass.

Lisa Mazzola Cania '79
Vice President for Community and Employee Relations, St. Lawrence University
Hannawa Falls, N.Y.

Thomas B. Courtice
President, TBC Search Consulting, LLC
Columbus, Ohio

Fiona Morgan Fein '65
Retired Classical Music Production Manager
New York, N.Y.

Kathryn L. Fong '06
Senior Associate, Kirk Palmer Associates
New York, N.Y.

Jonathan Gibralter
President, Wells College
Aurora, N.Y.

Bentley Gordon '19
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Joanne E. Kelley '83
Chief Executive Officer, Colorado Association of Funders
Evergreen, Colo.

J. Randolph Kissell
Managing Consultant, Trinity Consultants
Durham, N.C.

Heather T. Kowalski '90
Chief Information Officer, Interpol–U.S. Department of Justice
Falls Church, Va.

Alan L. Marchisotto
Vice President, Secretary and General Counsel, Moran Towing Corporation
New York, N.Y.

Kamarie Maturine '18
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Amy Cerand McNaughton '86
Retired Business Executive (grocery distribution)
Bloomington, Minn.

Gail M. Pesyna '70
Retired Vice President, Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Pittsburgh, Pa.

Thea L. Sawicki '66
Professor Emerita, University of Toledo
Toledo, Ohio

Tobie van der Vorm '70
Retired Senior Consultant of Counsel,  AGB Search 
Longboat Key, Fla.

Stephen L. Zabriskie
Community Leader
Aurora, N.Y.


Honorary Trustees

Anne Wilson Baker '46
David M. Barclay
Nancy Barton Barclay '56
Elizabeth S. Boveroux '57
S. Gordon Brummer
Sara Clark Brummer '56
Gail Fletcher Edwards '57
George D. Edwards, Jr.
Margery Leinroth Gotshall '45
Suzanne N. Grey '72
Shirley Cox Kearns '54
Edward E. Matthews
Marcia Conover Nappi '56
Frank P. Reiche
Janet Taylor Reiche '52
Elizabeth Bowman Rothermel '66
Shirley Schou Bacot Shamel '58
George S. Slocum
Priscilla H. Slocum
Virginia Grace Small '50
Susan Wray Sullivan '51
Gail Zabriskie Wilson '60
Henry F. Wood, Jr.


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