Off-Campus Study Deadlines

Students must apply for approval from Wells to study off-campus and they must apply to a specific off-campus study program. These are two separate processes.

Wells approval deadline:

Deadline for submission of the Approval for Off-Campus Study packet (with your advisor's signature) is March 15 for the Fall semester and September 15 for the Spring semester. The Approval for Off-Campus Study packet (with your advisor's signature and all the required forms and documents) must be submitted to the Off-Campus Study Coordinator (Cleveland Hall 200) by noon on the day of the deadline.

If March 15 or September 15 fall on a weekend, the Approval for Off-Campus Study packet is due at noon on the following Monday.


Program application deadlines:

Each Wells or affiliated program has its own separate application deadline: please consult the program’s web pages for the application deadline (web site links in the pages here):

It is the student’s responsibility to know the application deadline for the specific program to which he/she is applying, and to fulfill all application requirements by the deadline.