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Packing List

Packing for school for the first time can be challenging.  Here's some help to get your started.

What You Should Bring to Your Residence Hall:

  • Standard twin size bedding and pillow
  • Non-halogen lamp(s)
  • Stereo
  • Fan
  • Mini fridge (5 cubic feet or less)
  • Alarm clock
  • UPC-approved extension cords
  • Microwave (below 900 watts)
  • Painters tape or non-marking, temporary hooks and tape
  • Shower caddy and shower shoes
  • Laundry basket with laundry materials

What You Should NOT Bring to Your Residence Hall:

  • Bedroom furniture, including mattress, bed, desk, chair, or dresser
  • Pets (except toothless fish in a tank 5 gallons or less)
  • Incense
  • Air conditioners (either floor or window models)
  • Electric, propane, or kerosene space heaters
  • Foreman Grills® or any open-element cooking appliance
  • Toasters, ovens, toaster ovens, hot plates
  • Incense or plug-in air fresheners
  • Candles and candle warmers
  • Sun lamps or any lamps with plastic shades, i.e., “octopus” lights
  • Decorative lighting including holiday lighting, rope lights
  • Refrigerators exceeding 5 cubic feet
  • Potpourri pots
  • Electric coils
  • Lava lamp, halogen, or other high-intensity lamps
  • Electric blankets
  • Electric percolators and drip coffee makers
  • Nails, screws, duct tape, or any other marking tapes
Crockpots, Rice Cookers, and Electric Kettles must be used in the designated kitchen areas of the Residence Halls.  They may not be used in individual student rooms.  Doing so could be a violation of the FIRE SAFETY policy.  Students are able to use community kitchens in each of the Residence Halls, but must provide their own cookware and cleaning supplies.