Judicial Hearing Officers 

Staff within the Dean of Students Office meet with students who have allegedly violated the Student Conduct Code, Residence Life Policies and/or Community Standards. Students have the opportunity to have an informal resolution meeting with one of the Dean of Students staff members who serve as judicial hearing officers. The following serve as judicial hearing officers:


Jennifer Michael, Dean of Students

Connie Gardner, Director of Residence Life

Hailey Uribe, Assistant Director of Student Activities 

Honor Code

Community Honor shall be the basis of student government at Wells College.

Test TakingThe principle of Community Honor is based upon the pledge of each member of the student body to be honest and trustworthy in the conduct of her collegiate life as it is defined or encompassed by the Collegiate Rules. Wells College students are under community obligation and pledge not to lie, cheat, steal, deceive or conceal in the conduct of their collegiate life as defined or encompassed by the Collegiate Rules. Each student is obligated to report violations of community honor involving herself or himself to a member of the faculty or member of the appropriate judicial body within 24 hours. A member of the student body, member of the faculty, or member of the administration or staff who is a witness to a violation (or an admission of a violation) of community honor has responsibility to urge the offender to report herself or himself. If the offender fails to do so, the obligation falls to the witness.


2013-2014 Community Court

The Community Court resolves alleged violations of the Honor Code brought forward through self-report or reported to the Community Court by a student, staff or faculty member. Violations under the jurisdiction of the Community Court include lying, cheating, stealing, concealing or failure to report a witnessed violation. Faculty members are elected to serve on the Community Court in addition to College Staff members. Students are elected to Community Court through Collegiate Cabinet (student government) elections. The 2012-2013 Community Court student chair is Victoria Williams. For additional information about Community Court, please e-mail Victoria at courtchair@wells.edu.