Junior Mug Orders

04-28-14 - Now is the time for rising juniors to order their traditional Junior Mugs.

junior mug

It's time for the members of the class of 2016 to place orders for Junior Mugs! These mugs are a long-standing tradition at Wells dating back as far as 1903, when "Wells College: a History" notes that Wells students "had their own steins—creamy white with red numbers—for bedtime milk." Today, the mugs are emblazoned with the student's class year, a stagecoach, and a personalized quote.

The last day for orders is Friday, May 9, and mugs will be available at the start of classes in the fall semester. If you will be a junior this coming academic year, visit the College Store for more information or to place your order!



For more information, contact David Foote, communications associate, at 315-364-3460 or email dfoote@wells.edu.