Health Professions Information Session

04-16-14 - The Health Professions Advising Committee met with students and answered questions on a variety of topics related to academics and career options.

This week, Wells' Health Professions Advising Committee held a Chat and Info Session to provide students with details and advice about pursuing careers in the health professions field. A number of interested students from all current class years attended, asking questions related to:

  • Wells' new programs in Health Sciences and Holistic Health Studies
  • internship opportunities
  • stipends for experiential learning
  • professional testing and the application process for medical schools
  • on-site shadowing with local health professionals
  • potential summer research with faculty members
  • "gap years" and opportunities for volunteering or traveling
  • the relevance of "non-science" courses or experiential learning to medical school training

This being Wells' Advising Week, many students are already planning their fall semester courses and looking ahead to life after graduation. Through this info session, committee members provided direct answers and advice for finding specific, in-depth information as well as offering their assistance to students needing more individualized support to achieve their professional and academic goals.

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The Health Professions Advising Committee is Lauren O’Neil, Assistant Professor of Chemistry; Kristina Blake, Assistant Professor of Biological and Chemical Sciences; Deborah Gagnon, Associate Professor of Psychology; Dr. Thomas Stiadle, Associate Professor of Mathematics; and Eric Vaughn, Director of Experiential Learning & Career Services. For more information, email