Spring 2014 Annual Fund Phonathon

04-07-14 -Student callers set to raise $80,000!


Student callers are reaching out to alumni and alumnae to encourage gifts to the Annual Fund. This past week, callers generated $9,000 in pledges, bringing the total for the fund year (which runs through June 30, 2014) to just over $74,000. Each year, in true Wells College fashion, Oddline and Evenline callers compete to see which classes will give the most during the Phonathon. So far, the Odd classes are outpacing the Even classes by quite a margin. But the Evens took Tuesday night so they are making a come back.


The highlight thus far – in the minds of the student callers – was when Alissa Toner ’15 reached Jessica “Turtle” Ward ’12.  Evenline callers Abena Poku ’16 and Carson Jordan ’16 overheard Alissa say “Turtle” and they immediately got excited. Turtle was an Evenline coach and as such passed down her whistle, which is now cherished by Abena and Carson. Naturally, Abena and Carson broke out in song for Turtle and vowed to meet her someday. For them it was like connecting with a famous person! Traditions and loyalties run deep.


The Phonathon raises money for the Annual Fund which supports the general operations of the College, including faculty salaries, academic programs, technology upgrades, and financial assistance for students. Annual Fund contributions are directed where they are most needed.


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If you missed a call from the Spring Phonathon you can call Wednesday, April 9 from 6:30 to 9:00 pm EST at 315.364.3403.


Katrina Wilson ’93

Assistant Director of Annual Giving & Reunion Coordinator