4H Fundraiser and Awareness Efforts

04-10-14 - Approximately $120 was raised by the Collegiate 4 H for the MPS Society through their second annual Shoot 4 A Cure event Sunday, April 6.

The second annual Shoot 4 A Cure fundraiser was a great success with more than 25 participants, a brief safety instruction course and an archery clinic for attendees. The first such event was held last spring by the 4H and raised funds for the American Cancer Society through archery activities. This year the event endeavored to raise funds for and awareness about a rare disease Mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) which has devastating effects on the body and significantly shortens a sufferer’s lifespan. It is a genetic lysosomal storage disease (LSD) caused by the body’s inability to produce specific enzymes. Because the disease is relatively rare and unknown, awareness efforts and fundraising are essential to research. Within the Wells Collegiate 4 H leadership a friend’s cousin was diagnosed and passed away at a young age from MPS. This year’s event was in honor her: Allison Kirch.


Students, faculty and staff all participated in archery activities in beautiful Aurora spring weather. Many who took part in a few rounds of shooting were 4H members from local counties and some served as instructors. There were 4 state certified under-21 assistant archery instructors and also 2 nationally certified state instructors part of the activities. Money was raised through a donation to shoot and the selling of T-shirts. Overall, 4H collected $70 through in-person donations and the Paintball Club offered to match up to $50 in donations. Total the 4H club hopes to donate $120 to the MPS Society from the event.


Shoot 4 A Cure was a success due to the contributions of Dennis Fairchild, director of security; Dan Kane, interim athletic director; Denise Slocum of Yates County 4H, and John and Hailey of Student Activities and Leadership.


Our Wells College Collegiate 4H is a nationally charted organization, the second collegiate branch in New York State. They have organized numerous on-campus and community outreach activities including archery events, mini-horse therapy at Peachtown School, and visits to nursing homes. They are planning their first annual leadership conference for next spring. Valerie Schweigert ’16 shared that “Shoot 4 A Cure was a major success this year and we [4H] hope to see it growing bigger and better in the years to come…continually reaching toward our goal of ‘Making the Best Better.’”



Laura Sanders, communications associate, 315-364-3404, lsanders@wells.edu