Wells College Inaugurates Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Series

02-07-2012 - New campus program will trade five days of winter break for five of shared community learning.

Wells College is welcoming students back to campus five days earlier than usual this semester in order to accommodate the College’s new “Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement” series. In exchange for the earlier start to the spring semester, the campus community will join together for five days—spaced throughout the semester—in which classes are suspended in favor of an open day dedicated to shared knowledge and experience.

Based around themes relevant to a contemporary education and responsible civic life, these days will feature a variety of special speakers and guest lectures, internship and study abroad poster sessions, student presentations of senior theses and capstone projects, and other events highlighting the work of students, faculty, and staff. The Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement (CS&E) program aims to bring the College community together to share and explore specialized knowledge in different fields.

The first of these days will be held February 7, with the theme of Civil Rights and Liberties. Events on this day will be coordinated by Associate Professor of Political Science Susan Tabrizi and Professor of History Cynthia Koepp. Future topics will include Women and Gender, Imagination and Innovation, and Sustainability. The College’s 11th annual Activism Symposium in April, an event that has always drawn high student and faculty participation, will also serve as one of the CS&E days.

The five days of shared scholarship are part of the new Sustainable Community core curriculum the College has introduced. In addition to the changes in the semester schedule, each student’s academic experience will now include themed seminars each year that tie into the goals of the Sustainable Community program—to support Wells’ mission to cultivate meaningful lives, explore ethical decision making, engage students in service learning, and encourage thoughtful writing and public presentation.



For more information, contact David Foote, communications associate, 315-364-3460, or email the Wells College communications office at communications@wells.edu.