Winners of the "Alas, Babylon" Video Contest

11-03-11 - Students produced themed short videos relating to this semester's "This Community Reads!" book.

The Wells College Fall 2011 Community Read is Pat Frank’s apocalyptic novel, Alas, Babylon. In September, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership and the Division of Academic and Student Life announced the Alas, Babylon video short contest, with the prompt "As in Alas, Babylon, if you received word that the world would likely end, what would you want to do before the world ended?"


The videos, which had a five minute time limit, could be submitted by anyone in the campus community in teams or as individuals. They were judged by a panel of faculty and staff, and the top ten were then screened for Wells students who voted for first, second, and third place.


Here are the three winning videos:

3rd place: "Rain Drops," starring Keegan Evans and Andrew Judson, directed by Keegan Evans (A Parker Lane Production)


2nd place: "Alone," starring Kelli Furney and Taylor Dunn, directed by Kelli Furney and Tyler Fischetti


Grand Prize: "Alas, Babylon Video," starring Joe O’Flaherty, Colin Evans, Andrew Judson and Keegan Evans


Congratulations to Joe, Colin, Andrew, and Keegan, and stay tuned for more campus programs related Alas, Babylon!


Nicole Pellegrino, Director of Student Activities and Leadership, 315-364-3428,