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About the Louis Jefferson Long Library

The Louis Jefferson Long Library is named for Wells College’s 11th President and was completed in the College’s centennial year of 1968.

Designed by renowned American architect Walter A. Netsch Jr., using his unique signature aesthetic style, known as “Field Theory,” Long Library blends with the natural beauty of the campus while the spacious and open interior offers beautiful views of Cayuga Lake and the surrounding area.

The library collection consists of over 218,000 volumes in a wide variety of disciplines, along with numerous electronic resources, including eBooks, eJournals, and full-text databases. The library can accommodate more than 300 students and features individual study carrels and many private nooks for quiet study. There is wi-fi connectivity throughout the building, as well as, twelve computers (both MAC and PC), two networked printers, and a copier/scanner.

The Learning Commons, located on the 2nd floor of the library, offers students an active, informal space to study and collaborate. Featuring movable furniture and whiteboards, computer lab and printers, the Learning Commons integrates the library with technology and other student support services including, The Writing Center, Tutoring Services, Office of Student Achievement, Office of Experiential Learning and Career Services and a Research Help Desk.

Long Library has two “walk-through” gallery spaces located on the first and second floors. The gallery spaces are primarily used to promote the library’s special collections; however, the library encourages Wells College students, faculty, and staff, along with members of the local community, to propose special exhibits and display their artwork. For a more information about the gallery spaces see our Policies & Procedures page.    


Mission of the Library

The Louis Jefferson Long Library supports the mission and the institutional goals of Wells College by providing educational and information resources and services to our campus and local communities.  Library instruction adheres to the Association of College and Research Libraries’ (ACRL) standards for information literacy which complement the Wells College mission of educating students in the ideals of the liberal arts.