Questions on overall web policy can be addressed to


Wi-Fi Locations

Long Library


Barler Hall art building (hotspot only)

Cleveland Hall l(language lab area)

Macmillan South 3rd floor AER

Macmillan North 3rd floor AER

Morgan (some of 3rd floor area)

Stratton Hall (most of the building) 

Schwartz Center (front desk area)

Smith Hall (2nd floor open area)

Zabriskie Hall (lecture hall classroom and 2nd floor)

Dining Hall (Provided by Aurora Inn)

Internet Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I connect my computer on campus to the Wells network?

Answer: Our Internet service is provided by Apogee. If you need to set up a new computer for the Wells network, or if your settings were lost for some other reason, we have a guide to help you get connected. Click HERE to see the guide. In dorm rooms, each student has an ethernet port and WiFi coverage and Apogee staff can assist with configuration problems. Most academic buildings also have hotspot areas.


Question: How do you recommend dealing with spyware?

Answer: Spyware, and malware is a problem since it can install itself just by browsing to some web sites. Our internet service provider APOGEE has dedicated staff that can assist with such issues either by phone or in person by a scheduled visit.

One of the best ways to address the problem is by prevention. Apogee can give support on safe preventive practices.


Question: How can I use the email system?

Answer: Our student email in hosted on Google Apps. This is an introduction to Google Apps


Question: Do you provide web site space?

Answer: We provide web sites for each area of the college on (this site) and also provide self maintained web space for faculty, staff and official student organizations. Individual students can get webspace as part of their course work if sponsored by a faculty member.


Question: What is your policy on "Fixing" broken computers?

Answer: All Wells computers and software in computer labs or issued to staff and faculty are maintained by Wells Computer Services. Students are responsible for maintenance of their own machines. Students must take their equipment to outside professionals for service. We may offer configuration advice to a student if solicited, but it is only at our discretion and at the student's risk.