World Musicians Journey West to Perform at Wells

The group presents an engaging and informative program with styles spanning the Middle East, Europe and the Americas.




7:00 pm


Recital Hall, Barler Hall

General Info

Wells College will host a concert by world music group Journey West at 7:00 p.m. Sunday, April 27, in the Recital Hall of Barler Hall. Journey West presents a concert that both educates and entertains through an interactive lecture and performance. This event is free, and all are welcome to attend. 

Journey West’s engaging music is accompanied by an informative program as they present melodies and changing instrumentation beginning in the Middle East, traveling through Eastern and Western Europe, and finally arriving in the United States. Their program emphasizes the diversity of these styles and explains factors such as war, imperialism, mass emigrations due to political oppression, and musical crazes that are involved in transferring music between distant lands. Through Powerpoint slides, demonstrations, and basic explanations of the technical theory behind the music, Journey West provides a visually and aurally entertaining performance that supports the group’s goals of celebrating multiculturalism, engaging with international audiences, and fostering understanding between diverse cultures.

Max Buckholtz, director and violin player for Journey West, is also a lecturer in music at Wells College, principal violist for the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes and a dance accompanist at Cornell University. He has accompanied dance installations in Rome; collected Jewish Moldavian Music from Botosani, Romania; collaborated and composed music with internationally-renowned Fulbright Scholar Kiran Nagakar; leads the Klezmer youth band Ithaca is Klezmer; and more.

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