Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement: April 9, 2014

Demonstrations, discussions, workshops and other events give Wells students and guests opportunities to showcase scholarly research, community work and academic successes.




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General Info

The Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Series was inaugurated at Wells in the spring of 2012 to give members of the community a chance to share their work in internships, senior capstone projects, independent studies and other academic projects. Classes are suspended for the day in order to give all students the chance to attend events and learn from their classmates' academic experiences and achievements.

The Spring 2014 Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Day will take place April 9. The full schedule is:

9:00 – 10:55 AM

NEAC/NCAA Panel: Focusing on the integration of academics, athletic and student-life dimensions on NCAA Division III college and university campuses

Chapel, Main Building
Cindy Speaker, Provost and Dean of the College
Dan Kane, Acting Athletic Director and Head Men’s Soccer Coach
Mike O’Brien, Head Women’s Basketball Coach and SAAC Advisor
Trish George, Senior Woman Administrator & Head Swim Coach
Jackie Schnurr, Faculty Athletic Rep. & Associate Professor of Biology
Jennifer Michael, Dean of Students
Student Athlete Advisory Committee Members
9:00 – 4:55 PM (All Day Event)
POWER Exhibit
Long Library
Presented by Members of Praising Our Work, Ethnicity, and Race (POWER)
10:00 – 10:55 AM
Culture through Lullabies
Art Exhibit Room (AER), Macmillan Hall
Participants: Spanish, Japanese, German, French, and Italian student groups

Internships and Experiential Learning Projects
Stratton 209
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation Internships: Why every pre-veterinarian student should have one, Presented by: Melena Hagstrom ’15
  • EMT Internship, presented by: Kyle Admire ’16, Alyssa Broome ’17, Nick Simons ’17 and Deaven Theriault ’17
11:00 – 11:55 AM
Guest Speaker Ellen Sziede: “Wildlife Volunteering Opportunities with the African Conservation Experience.”
Stratton 209
Student Presentations on German Culture and Literature
Stratton 304
  • “The Importance of Soccer in the German Culture,” presented by Alex van Hoekelen ’16 and Wyatt Burkle ’16
  • “Understanding Holocaust Memorials; Ending the Two-fold Annihilation,” presented by Aviv Hilbig-Bokaer ’17
  • “German Children’s Books,” presented by Dayna Failey ’17 and Katelin Pierce ’17
  • “Turkish Life in Berlin,” presented by Hillary O’Grady ’14
Student Presentations
Art Exhibit Room (AER), Macmillan Hall
  • “The Role of Translation in the Recruitment of Latinos into Higher Education,” presented by Jennifer Moreno ’14
  • “The Elephant in the Room: The Gay, Arab, Republican Alliance of Upstate New York at CPAC 2014,” presented by Fahad Rahmat ’14
  • “The Biochemistry and Ecology of Animal Venoms and Poisons,” presented by Andrew Judson ’15
11:00 – 1:00 PM
POLS 360 Interactive Walk-Through Exhibit – “Who is Judging You?”
1st Floor of Stratton, Rooms 102, 104, 106
Prof. Susan Tabrizi’s POLS 360 Students
12:00 - 12:30 PM
Break for Lunch
12:30 - 1:30 PM
Poster Session
2nd & 3rd Floor Atriums of Stratton Hall
  • Peer Leader Poster by: Matthew Sleezer ’14, Julie Huang ’15, Paul Cavaluzzi ’16, Jessica Lyons ’14, and Molly Myers ’14, Jennifer Moreno ’14
  • “Brilliance Is Hard to Explain, So Hear It, ” by Darius Little ’14
  • “Free Starbucks and Democracy,” by POLS 230 Students
  • Theater Internship at Merry-Go-Round Playhouse, by Abigail George ’15
  • La Vie Francais: French Teacher’s Assistant, by Harleen Grewal ’17
  • Greenhouse Internship, by Niaome Hickman ’16
  • Internship for the Franziska Racker Center, by Sarah Johnson ’14
  • Girl Inc. Internship, by Molly Myers ’14
  • My Time at Unity House Internship, by Shane Truman ’14
  • Auburn Community Hospital Internship, by Raymond Soriano ’16
  • Montezuma Winery Internship, by Brittany Vanno ’14
  • History Epidemics Course TA Internship, by Britta Kilbourn ’14
  • Internship for the Women’s Resource Center Library, by Ramona Reed ’16
  • Wells College Athletics, by Kylie Nishioka ’16
  • Wells College Athletics, by Ashley Roser ’14

Sociology/Anthropology Senior Thesis Posters:
  • “Anomie in the Zombie Apocalypse: How the Walking Dead Mirrors the American Search for Social Stability, by Kristen Ryan ’14
  • “Is Google Glass a Moral Panic?” by Tyler Paine ’14
  • “A Step in the Right Direction,” by Tori Burrell ’14
  • “Cultural Hybridity and Acupuncture,” by Amanda Le ’14
  • “A Sociological View of Fun and Humor and their Effects on Human Behavior,” by Molly Heslin ’14
  • “Secret to Success,” by Jonathan Bonds ’14
  • “Miley the Movement: Racial Implications of White Performances,” by Annalise VanVranken ’14
  • “The Creation of a Spectacle and the Formation of Identity in the Reality Television Show Duck Dynasty,” by Colleen Willis ’14
  • “Kastom, Culture, and Change: Understanding Complexity in a Remote Ni-Vanuatu Village,” by Turan Sidky ’14
  • “Fandom,” by Nicole Lardie ’14
  • “Depiction of Ethnicity through Material Culture in Ethnically-Themed Restaurants,” by Adam Sullivan ’14
1:45 – 2:45 PM
Student-Professor Debate: Organized by Jessica Burbank ’17
Chapel, Main Building
“A Day in the Life of a Student Affairs Professional”
Stratton 209
Jennifer Michael, Dean of Students
Connie Gardner, Dir. of Residence Life
Hailey Uribe, Assistant Dir. of Student Activities and Residential Programming
John R. O’Connor, Dir. of Student Activities and Leadership
3:00 – 3:55 PM
Guest Speaker Muna Ndulo, Professor of Law and Director of the Institute for African Development at Cornell University: “United Nations and Peacekeeping Missions”
Stratton 209
Head Men’s and Women’s Cross Country Coach Jack Daniels: “The Ingredients of Success”
Prof. Gerardo Cummings’ SPAN 204 & 206 Students: “Making Hispanic Literature and Film Matter: Poetics and the Journey of the Hero”
Art Exhibit Room (AER), Macmillan Hall
4:00 PM

Senior Thesis Presentations in History
Stratton 209

  • “The Native American Boarding School Experience,” presented by Matthew Sleezer ’14
  • “America’s Roller Coaster Love Affair: The Chemical Revolution from 1946-1973,” presented by Rachel Partington ’14
  • "Overcoming a Gender Hierarchy: Black Female Leadership in the Modern Civil Rights Movement," presented by Emily Middlebrook ’14
  • “The Evolution of Fabric and Clothing in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865,” presented by Tyler Grecco ’14
  • “Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great,” presented by Ross Conlon ’14
  • “In Brightest Day in Darkest Night, Comic Books and American History & Women’s Role in Video Games,” presented by Shelby Bastian ’14 and Sunedara Davis ’14

Shakespeare’s Kids: Theatre Majors discuss their Thesis Projects and Processes
Art Exhibit Room (AER), Macmillan Hall

  • “ACTively Training 3rd Graders for the Classroom,” by Honey Bashir ’14
  • “Hypokrite: Pretending What’s Real,” by Giavarna Faison ’14
  • “Dangerous Angels: Family Secrets Revealed,” by Stephanie Leung ’14
  • “Free Range Chickens: Just Two People at a Bus Stop,” by Mary Losurdo ’14
  • “Seen through the Keyhole: The Director as Storyteller,” by Marianna Raho ’14


Wells College is committed to providing access on campus. For information about the Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement Series or about the events scheduled for April 9, contact David Foote in the Wells office of communications and marketing, 315-364-3460, dfoote@wells.edu.