Erin Kerr '00 and Sacred Earth Doula Care

As part of Women's History Month, Erin will speak about her work and how she came to start her own practice in Ithaca, N.Y.




12:00 pm


The Café in the Dining Hall

General Info

As a part of the celebration of Women's History Month, Erin Kerr ‘00, M.A., will visit campus to speak about her work as a doula and how she came to start her own practice, Sacred Earth Doula Care in Ithaca, N.Y. Join a Wells alumna to learn more about women’s reproductive health and listen to Erin’s story of her choice of career. The discussion will take place at from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, March 20, in the Café in The Dining Hall. All are welcome to bring a lunch and enjoy talking with Erin!

About Erin:

"I found a passion for supported childbirth in 2005 as the options for women and their families started to change in and around the Ithaca area.  I was part of the consumer group that founded BirthNet of the Finger Lakes and continue to participate in it now.  With a team of great local leaders, we were successful in convincing statewide legislators to pass a much-needed amendment to the midwifery law in June of 2010.  I trained with DONA International to provide birth doula services and have been, since 2007, part of a wonderful community of doulas who are veterans and prospective doulas and everything in-between.

I am fully supportive of all families.  I feel strongly that women who are single mothers, young mothers, surrogate mothers and/or GLBTI-identified deserve dignity, compassion, respectful care and full support of all caregivers during the childbearing year."

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This event is co-sponsored by Women’s Resource Center and Psychology as part of events celebrating Women's History Month.