Peachtown Education Week: Student Presentations

Molly Heslin ’14 and Kristen Ryan ’14 will discuss their archaeology and anthropology research experiences.




12:30 pm


Hostetter Lecture Room (209), Stratton Hall

General Info

Molly Heslin ’14, will give a presentation titled "Digging up the Truth: The Archaeological Experience of Aurora, N.Y.” and Kristen Ryan ’14 will discuss “Negotiating Space in Cultural Representation.” These talks are part of a week of special educational events leading up to the annual Peachtown Native American Festival on Friday, September 20.

Descriptions of the presentations:

"Digging Up the Truth: The Archaeological Experience of Aurora, NY will focus on my experiences digging in the area with Ithaca College's archaeological field school. Digging on a farm site that used to be the location of a Cayuga village or feasting venue, I gained a new perspective for the area in which I lived and studied for three years. From visiting local historical landmark plaques marked incorrectly in favor of perpetuating inequality, to working alongside returning Cayuga people on the S.H.A.R.E farm and field site, my archaeological field school experience offered me a much broader context on the history of Wells College's surrounding area." -Molly Heslin '14

“Negotiating Space in Cultural Representation will focus on the following questions: How is physical space negotiated to explain and even teach culture? What are potential difficulties in truthfully representing cultures in conflict? Given that humans derive individual and cultural identity through place, understanding these diverse definitions can help create a truly unique and welcoming learning center, but doing so is both difficult and controversial. The new Skänoñh Great Law of Peace Center is a prime example of negotiating meaning in shared and valued space." -Kristen Ryan '14

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