Reading of "The Healing Muse"

Editors and contributors will present works from this year’s edition of the literary journal.




7:00 pm


Art Exhibit Room, Macmillan Hall

General Info

Wells College will host a reading of selections from the just-published 12th issue of “The Healing Muse,” the annual journal of literary and visual art published by SUNY Upstate Medical University's Center for Bioethics & Humanities, at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, November 12, in the Art Exhibit Room of Macmillan Hall. This event is free and open to the public, and refreshments will be provided.

The presenters will read selections of nonfiction, fiction and poetry that were published in the recent issue; readers will include editors Deirdre Neilen and Nancy Schreher, Healing Muse Board Member Dr. Cindy Wojteck, Wells Professor of English Bruce Bennett, current Wells Junior Judith Lavelle ’14 and writers from Ithaca, Auburn and Syracuse including Joyce McAllister, Tish Pearlman, Mary Gardner, Daphne Sola, Mary Beth O’Connor, Katharyn Howd Machan, Eric Machan Howd, Katheen Kramer and Emily Weston.

Deirdre Neilen, Editor-in-Chief, wrote in her Editor’s Note to the current issue:

“I am always struck by the courage of our writers and artists. They have been confronted by a diagnosis, perhaps, or a test result confirming a suspicion they hoped to elude. Sometimes it is the nurse or physician who writes about the internal cost of giving such bad news; sometimes it is the patient or a family member who describes how those words transform the habits and patterns of what used to be an ordinary life.

“In the act of writing or painting, in the act of caring and creating, people wrest back these altered lives. Illness may change how life is negotiated, but as these stories and poems and pictures attest, it does not change people’s need to be heard, to be loved and to love. The human spirit struggles and continues a forward motion. The land ahead may be unfamiliar territory, but the same humor, resilience and desire propel our poets and essayists and their characters to chance the unknown and to chart the journey for us.”

Poet, doctor and Harvard Professor Rafael Campo wrote: “‘The Healing Muse,’ one of the first literary journals to recognize the connections between creative self-expression and healing, remains one of the foremost in the burgeoning field of the medical humanities. It has grown to become an instrument of healing for our entire troubled culture.”

This reading is a part of Wells’ regular Visiting Writers Series.