Keynote Speaker for Sustainability Day

Professor of Environmental Conservation and Horticulture at FLCC Dr. Bruce Gilman will discuss the history and future of the Finger Lakes area.




1:00 pm


Margie Matthews Filter Hostetter ’62 Lecture Room (209) of Stratton Hall

General Info

Wells College’s final Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement day for this academic year will feature the keynote speaker Dr. Bruce Gilman, Professor of Environmental Conservation and Horticulture at Finger Lakes Community College. Dr. Gilman will hold a presentation titled “A Finger Lakes History and Legacy” on the Wells College campus, and the public is cordially invited to attend.

Dr. Gilman will contribute to the day’s theme of “Sustainability” with an informative overview of the formation of the Finger Lakes, the exploitation of their resources, and the hope of sustaining them for future generations. He will begin at the end of the Ice Age over 10,000 years ago, when “eleven elongate lakes stretched across a barren tundra landscape,” and “biological organisms from southern refugia quickly migrated into the region and established natural communities delicately balanced with an ever changing environment.” From this, Dr. Gilman will examine how natural processes were disrupted as humans domesticated the landscape during the last 300 years and discuss today’s efforts to study the lakes, protect the landscape and restore essential ecological services.

Dr. Gilman is director of the environmental studies program at Finger Lakes Community College as well as director of the college’s Muller Field Station. He conducts research in old growth forests of this region, in globally rare alvar communities of Northern New York, and on the diversity of organisms living in the Finger Lakes. He is author of “Ontario County Flora” and curates the Finger Lakes Herbarium, a collection of over 15,000 sheets containing plants representative of western New York. His wealth of botanical knowledge is regularly shared with the general public through walks and lectures sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, The Finger Lakes Land Trust, the Canandaigua Botanical Society, Ontario Pathways, the Rochester Academy of Science and others.

Wells College’s Celebrating Scholarship and Engagement day dedicated to Sustainability will also feature events such as a panel discussion of the College’s “green” efforts, a presentation from the president of Sustainable Tompkins, an open house with the Finger Lakes Watershed Network, a bird-watching hike and several other talks and opportunities to engage the natural setting around the College. All of the day's activities are open to the public; click here for a full schedule.