"Crooked Arrows" Film Screening at Wells

Actor and Onondaga Redhawks lacrosse player Tyler Hill will join participants to talk about the film.




6:00 pm


E. Margie Matthews Filter Hostetter '62 Lecture Room (209), Stratton Hall

General Info

Wells College’s First Nations and Indigenous Studies program, Dean of Students Office and Inclusive and Intercultural Excellence Student Committee present a screening of the 2012 film “Crooked Arrows” at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 28, in the Lecture Hall (209) of Stratton Hall. Tyler Hill of the Mohawk Nation, who plays the part of team captain Jimmy Silverfoot, will lead a question-and-answer session after the film. This event is free, and all are invited to attend.

“Crooked Arrows” is a heartening and inspiring dramatic film set against the excitement of the fast-growing sport of lacrosse. In the film, a young Native American named Joe Logan (played by Brandon Routh, known for 2005’s “Superman Returns”) is eager to modernize his reservation's casino by expanding on the land of his ancestors, but first he must prove himself to his traditionalist father. Joe is charged with coaching the reservation's struggling high school lacrosse team, who are outmatched by the better equipped and better trained players of the Prep School league. Though both sides are initially skeptical, Joe and his team are able to explore the deep cultural roots of the game while earning the pride and respect of the league and their own community.

The film’s producers Todd Harris and Mitchell Peck worked to present the film authentically, recruiting real lacrosse players from around the country and bringing Native American actors, advisors and representatives into the writing and planning process. Their goal was to create the first mainstream lacrosse film and to do it in a way that remained true to the legacy of lacrosse and honored the culture that originated the game.

While visiting Syracuse for auditions, the filmmakers began meeting with the Onondaga Nation, and continued the relationship throughout the rest of the project. On-set advisors included co-producers Ernie Stevens III of Wisconsin’s Oneida Nation and Neal Powless of the Onondaga Nation, who helped choreograph the action in game scenes. The twelve members of the film’s Crooked Arrows team are of Native American descent, and hundreds of extras from the Onondaga, Pequot, Tuscarora and other Nations volunteered to be a part of the film.

“A lot of people think of it as just a game, but everything that I know, I can relate to lacrosse,” said lacrosse player and actor Tyler Hill. “Like taking care of your family, or taking care of whatever it is that you hold close to you. You never want to drop the ball.” While Hill plays the character of team captain Jimmy Silverfoot on-screen, he is also a champion forward with the Onondaga Redhawks. Hill will be present at Wells’ screening to answer questions and discuss lacrosse and his involvement with the film.

“Crooked Arrows” opened in theatres in May and June of this year; it was written by Todd Baird and Brad Riddell and directed by Steve Rash.