Peachtown Native American Festival Social

The annual festival celebrates Cayuga and Haudenosaunee culture through dancing, singing, and traditional food.




2:00 pm


Sommer Center lawn at Smith Hall

General Info

Wells College is pleased to announce the events for this year’s Peachtown Native American Festival. The annual festival celebrates Cayuga and Haudenosaunee culture; the community is invited to partake in all the events and share in the culture that is Cayuga Nation.

The festival will be held from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Friday, September 14 on the lawn outside the Sommer Center. This social event will feature a presentation by Cayuga Heron Clan Mother Birdie Hill; Cayuga Singers Norm Hill, Cam Hill, and Lyle Anderson; a traditional dance workshop for anyone who would like to join in; and traditional corn soup by Dan Hill. Wells Dining will provide additional light snacks.

Wells is pleased to host this important festival as an opportunity to build community; to honor the past and present contributions of Native American culture; and to recognize the history of Aurora, or Deawendote, the “Village of Constant Dawn.”

The events are co-sponsored by Wells College office of admissions, office of the provost, Juliana James Native American Visiting Scholar Funds, education, psychology, anthropology and sociology, women’s and gender studies, the division of social sciences, social and economic justice, First Nations and indigenous studies, and the Multicultural Resource Center in Ithaca.