Tim Pool at Activism Symposium

Activism Symposium provides resources and information for those looking to get involved in community organizing, journalism, politics or other areas.Tim Pool and Activism Symposium


In this year’s Activism Symposium, Tim Pool discussed his work with immediate, live-streamed coverage of the recent demonstrations in New York City. Information about Tim Pool’s presentation can be found on page 14 of the Express Magazine. For examples of his video work, visit www.ustream.tv/timcast.

The purpose of Tim’s work, in his view, is to increase transparency in how demonstrations occur or are resisted by those outside. “They have cameras pointing at us, we point cameras back at them,” he said, giving examples of people who were held accountable for dubious actions as a result of livestream footage. The audience raised many relevant questions about such topics as the privacy of those recorded, whether context is lost as the videos are broadcast, if information like this could still be disseminated without the internet, or what this technology could mean for the future of Activism.

Started by the Collegiate Association in 2002, the annual symposium is an opportunity for the Wells community to gather and learn more about the difference we each can make individually and collectively in this world.

The purpose of the student-centered symposium is to promote civic engagement, encourage critical thinking, and find links between the academy and the world at large. 
One objective of the day is to empower Wells and local community members to use the college as a space for advancing social justice and community development through interdisciplinary study. As a liberal arts institution, Wells College recognizes the value of service and activism as part of the learning process.

As a footnote to Pool's talk, one of this year’s men's Evenline coaches took the initiative to livestream the dance-off for alums or students too busy to make it to the event!