Talyse Hampton '09

admissionsTalyse Hampton is a vivacious, fun-loving recent Wells graduate from the class of 2009. Hailing from Binghamton, NY, Talyse studied Sociology and Spanish at Wells. Although she is a vocalist and performer at heart, Talyse enjoys learning, drinking herbal teas, laughing, reading, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Life on Cayuga Lake offers her peace of mind, and she loves the charming atmosphere of Aurora, NY. In her future, she hopes to pursue a career in singing, using it as a means to shake up social activism. As she says, "Life is too short to sit on the sidelines watching."
"My favorite things about Wells are the traditions and the opportunities for leadership. The traditions have deep roots and bring the campus together. My favorite traditions are Tea Time (primarily because I love to nap on the sofas in the Art Exhibit Room) and Oddline/Evenline. The opportunities for leadership at Wells are endless. Wells students are commonly known for their opinionated points-of-view and leadership. I think this an important part of maturing. Wells cultivates leaders who are not hesitant to speak up and be heard.
"Some of my interests include singing (more of a passion) and playing the cello. I also love reading, hanging out with my brothers and listening to the melodic sounds of Sam Cooke, Nina Simone and those other Golden Oldies! My favorite book is Eyes of the Heart by author Jean-Bertrand Aristide and my favorite film is Coming to America (1988). If I could pack up and move away today, I would move to a beach in the Dominican Republic and sell jewelry!"