Theatre and Dance

At Wells, students are involved daily in the practice of live theatre, both onstage and behind the scenes.

Theatre courses work from a Spolin- and Hagen-based approach to acting and directing. The dance program is based in modern dance (Cunningham-Limón-Laban) and ballet techniques (Russian and Italian), plus pointe technique, improvisation, and jazz. Courses in design and technical theatre prepare students for internships and jobs at professional theatres.

The theatre and dance major provides a program of interdisciplinary study that prepares students for a wide range of careers in the performing arts, including performance, stage management, arts management, producing, directing, choreography, teaching and writing, creative arts therapy, and entertainment law.

Working in close, one-on-one relationships with faculty and guest artists, students gain experience in peer leadership and creative process, while developing skills in acting, dancing, and design techniques. Hands-on learning is supported and enriched by the study of history and theory, which informs the interpretive technique of the performer and fosters intellectual curiosity and cross-cultural awareness.

In addition to course offerings:

  • Guest artists regularly visit theatre and dance classes.
  • The College's "Arts and Lecture Series" brings high quality artists to campus every year.
  • Students travel annually to American College Dance Association conferences.
  • Students work with faculty annually at Aurora's own Morgan Opera House downtown.


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