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Michael Price

Michael Price '11

Altoona, PA, Sociology Major, Psychology Minor

At Wells, I've learned to be honest with myself and others about who I am. I've become inspired to be an activist, and I've gained the confidence that I can achieve anything I set out to accomplish."

Film and Media Studies

Students in the Film and Media Studies major examine print and visual media to understand the value of media in our society.

Through critical analysis of print and visual media, students who major in Film and Media Studies learn the cultural implications of living in a “mediated society.” As they produce their own works in journalistic and creative non-fiction writing, or in film, advertising, and public relations, students reflect their relationship with the culture of the media. Students who complete the major may adopt careers in advertising, public relations, journalism, free-lance writing, film criticism, film production, screen or playwriting, or may choose to enter graduate programs in any of these areas.


Total credit hours for the major are 42.5-45.5; students must take least six courses at the 300 level. Students are strongly urged to choose a minor field.