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sarah allen


"Between the amazing cooperating teachers I found, engaging class discussions and more, I have been beyond prepared for my graduate work at Syracuse University. I just wanted to thank everyone for providing me with fabulous mentors and awesome strategies! I already feel ahead of the game. Thanks to the education department for shaping my academic experience and inspiring me to become a passionate educator!"

-Sarah Allen '13, Sociology and Anthropology major, Elementary Education minor

Education Program

The Wells College Education Program offers three paths to careers in education.

Our new Inclusive Childhood Education Major leads to two teaching certifications for grades 1-6: Childhood Education and Teaching Students with Disabilities. This major, supported by a liberal arts minor, a multi-subject liberal arts core and a full semester of student teaching in general and special education classrooms, prepares you for working in today’s diverse elementary classrooms. Our Adolescence Certification Program, which pairs rigorous liberal arts majors with a rich, field-based education minor and a full semester of student teaching, prepares students for classrooms of their own after their four years at Wells. Our stand-alone minors in Childhood or Adolescence Education offers students a solid grounding in current educational theory and practice that prepares them for graduate study or work with children outside the classroom.

Inclusive Childhood Education Major leading to certification 
Students earn New York State certification to teach in grades 1-6 general and special education classrooms.

 Adolescence Certification
Students earn New York State certification to teach in a specific subject area for grades 7-12.

 Education Minor
Students receive a solid foundation in current education theory and practice.

 Wells-Warner 4+1 Program
Students earn New York State certification (either Childhood or Adolescence) at Wells and need only one additional year to complete their M.A.T. or M.S. at the Margaret Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester.


Education Program Overview

The Wells College Education Program is anchored by a constructivist, student-centered pedagogy and a dedication to preparing innovative, creative, hardworking teachers. We endeavor to prepare teachers for the complexity of the 21st century classroom. Therefore, our methods courses have a significant field placement component, in which students observe current classroom teachers in their chosen field and are given the opportunity to practice the strategies they’re learning in their Wells courses with elementary and secondary students. Our students complete an education internship as well as their student teaching placements; the combination meets the Wells College experiential learning requirement. Thus, by the end of their four years at Wells, students in the education program are well-versed in current, effective, research-based instructional practices and have a deep understanding of not only what works in the classroom, but why.


Contact Information

Susan Talbot, Director of Childhood & Adolescence Education                           



Susan Wansor, Lecturer and Field Experience Coordinator in Education



Sara Levy, Visiting Assistant Professor of Education