Pre-Law Suggested Courses

Students interested in pre-law are encouraged to take courses from the list below to assist them in preparing to attend law school after Wells. 

AMST 110- Banned Books: A Cultural History

BUS 305- Legal Environment of Business

ENGL 195/295- Tutorial: Writing Good, Better, Best

ENGL 222- American Minority Literature

ENGL 305- Gender, Power, Literature, Film

FMS 101- Media and Power in American Culture

HIST 352- The African-American Struggle for Human Rights

HIST 372- Colonial Encounters

INTL 151- Introduction to International Studies

INTL 350- Comparative Environmental Policy Analysis

PHIL 114- Logic and Critical Thinking

PHIL 240- Ethics

PHIL 310- Ethics, Law, and Social Policy

PHIL 324- Issues in Feminism

PHIL 342- Sexual and Reproductive Ethics

POLS 155- American Politics

POLS 230- Democratic Theory

POLS 307- Contemporary Political Ideologies

POLS 320- Liberalism and Its Critics

POLS 360- The U.S. Judiciary

PSY 101- General Psychology

PSY 224- Social Psychology

PSY 235- Forensic Psychology

SEJ 250- Introduction to Community Organizing

SOC 151- Principles of Sociology

SOC 158- Social Problems

SOC 215- Introduction to Criminology

SOC 235- “Deviance” and Society

SOC 277- Social Inequality: Class and Ethnicity

WGS 148- Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

WGS 245- Body Politics

WGS 301- Feminist Theory

WGS- 310- Feminist Methodologies: Intersectionalities