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Alicin Welsh, Director of Experiential Learning and Career Services


Pre-Professional Programs

Careers in law or health professions require students to obtain a bachelor's degree prior to graduate training.  The time a student spends working towards her or his bachelor's degree at Wells will prepare them by developing competence in basic disciplines and skills.  It also provides students with an opportunity for a well-rounded education that will be an invaluable resource throughout their working career, and all aspects of their life.  The particular coursework, internships, and experiential training a student will need depends on the graduate program they are interested in.  Wells College offers tailored, individualized guidance to help students prepare for their dream career.  We are here to help.

Health Professions

Health professions include careers in medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, sports medicine, nursing, medical technology, veterinary medicine, animal health technician, and many more.

The Wells College Health Professions Advisory Group provides advice to students interested in the health professions.

Medical schools recommend an undergraduate preparation that combines a thorough grounding in science breadth and depth of study in the liberal arts, and a major that matches the interest and aptitude of the student. A course of studies that meets medical and dental school admissions requirements and prepares students for nationally administered admissions examinations normally includes two semesters each of introductory biology, general chemistry, organic chemistry, and physics, as well as two writing attentive courses. Pre-veterinary study would consist of these 10 courses and also a semester of microbiology and/or biochemistry. Many other health professions schools (e.g. schools of optometry, osteopathy, and chiropractic) have similar requirements.

Wells College sophomores have taken advantage of Early Assurance Programs at the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse. A student accepted to these programs is guaranteed a place in the medical school’s entering class two years later.

The academic program at Wells includes extensive internship and abundant research opportunities both on and off campus. The combination of academic program, practical experience, and comprehensive individual advising has given Wells students an excellent record in admission to schools in the health professions.



Wells College is a member of the Northeast Association of Pre-law Advisers and offers counseling to students who wish to pursue the graduate study of law. The pre-law advisers assist students in planning their undergraduate programs, preparing for the LSAT, and completing law school applications. Students intending to prepare for law school may begin working with the advisers in their first year. Special programs held on campus will introduce students to representatives from law schools and to Wells College alumnae/i who have completed law school. Wells College also participates in Law School Day at Cornell University each fall.

The preparation for law school at Wells is based upon the Association of Law Schools' recommendation that a broad liberal arts curriculum best prepares students for the multi-disciplinary study of law. In addition to the student's major area of study, the student is encouraged to participate in the Wells College internship program and gain practical experience in a law-related setting.