m gil

Miguel L. Gil

Professor Emeritus of Spanish


Miguel L. Gil

"I place great value on the legacy that Spanish culture has to offer to the world in general and to Americans in particular. I also value the close relationship between teacher and pupil at Wells, and the freedom to teach in the areas that I am passionate about. Knowing Spanish is becoming an essential tool for American students."

Professor Gil's interest and research centers in 19th and 20th century prose.


1969 B.A. Rutgers University, Spanish Literature, Art History (Minor)
1973 M.A. University of Texas, Spanish Literature, Art History (Minor)
1982 Ph.D. Cornell University, Spanish Literature, Comparative
Literature (Minor)

Select Publications

Valle-Inclán, R. & Gil, M. (Ed.). Gerifaltes de antaño. Madrid: Espasa Calpe, 1994.

Valle-Inclán, R. & Gil, M. (Ed.). Los cruzados de la causa. Madrid: Espasa Calpe, 1994.

Gil, M. La trilogía de la desilusión: el fracaso de la epopeya en Valle Inclán. Madrid: Editorial Pilegos, 1990.

Courses Taught

  • Language and Culture
  • Golden Age Literature
  • Cervantes and the Modern Novel
  • 19th Century Literature in Spain
  • Spanish Literature from 1898 to the Civil War
  • The Spanish Civil War: Literature and Society
  • Modern Spanish Novel
  • Contemporary Spanish American Prose
  • Literature and Film