Cynthia Garrett

Professor of English

John D. Wilson Presidential Professor

Coordinator of Off-Campus Study in Bath and York (England) and Stirling (Scotland)

Macmillan 303

Cynthia Garrett

"I share novelist George Eliot's view that literature, at its best, can lead to an extension of sympathies. Fiction, poetry, and drama encourage us to inhabit different perspectives, gaining insight into other minds, times, and cultures. Students who major in English, whether they concentrate in literature or creative writing, experience language and literary form as means of inquiry and expression."

Professor Garrett's research explores gender and religious issues in early modern English literature, specifically lyric poetry. Her courses take students from British poetry and prose of the medieval period through the 19th century. Her own research and study has led her to begin writing historical fiction. She enjoys the small classes and close work with students at Wells, and the excitement that comes from making connections between texts and fields of study.


1978 B.A. University of California, San Diego, Literature
1982 M.A. San Francisco State University, English (Concentration in Creative Writing)
1990 Ph.D. University of California, Irvine, English

Select Publications

Garrett, Cynthia, (2004). "Sexual Consent and the Art of Love in the Early
Modern English Lyric." Studies in English Literature.

Garrett, Cynthia, (2003). "Review of Margaret Cavendish, Bell in Campo and the Sociable Companions." Renaissance Quarterly.

Garrett, Cynthia (1996). "Review of the Poems of Aemilia Lanyer: Salve dues Rex Judaeorum." Renaissance Quarterly.

Courses Taught

  • British Literature 1100-1800
  • Jane Austen: Manners and Media
  • Women in English Renaissance Literature
  • Early Modern English Love Poetry, Sacred and Profane
  • Development of the British Novel
  • Topics in the 19th and 20th Century British Novel
  • Critical Theory
  • Short Story Writing
  • Advanced Fiction Writing