Catherine Burroughs

Professor of English

Macmillian 319


Catherine Burroughs

"Teaching at Wells College has given me some of my happiest moments in the profession. There's a very special spirit here—forged by a true community."

Professor Burroughs teaches courses in British and American drama, including Shakespeare. She specializes in the theatre and drama of British romantic women writers (1770-1740). She is a visiting lecturer in English at Cornell University. She is also an actor, currently a member of the Actors' Equity Association, with an extensive range of credits in professional theatre.


1980 B.A. Wake Forest University
1983 M.A. Connecticut College
1988 Ph.D. Emory University

Select Publications (Books)

Burroughs, Catherine, ed.. Women in British Romantic Theatre: Drama
Performance, and Society, 1790-1840. Cambridge University Press: 2000.

Burroughs, Catherine. Joanna Baillie and the Theater Theory of British
Romantic Women Writers. University of Pennsylvania Press: 1997.

Burroughs, Catherine and Ehrenreich, Jeffrey D., ed.. Reading the Social
Body. University of Iowa Press: 1993.

Select Publications (Articles):
Burroughs, Catherine, Holland, Peter, and Davis, Tracy C. ed. (In
process). "Romantic Women Writers and the Persistence of Closet
Drama: History, Theory, Form." Redefining British Theatre History:
The Performing Society: Britain the Nineteenth Century.

Burroughs, Catherine, Crisafulli, Lilla M., and Elam, Keir, ed. (In process). "The Erotics of Home: Staging Sexual Fantasy in British Women's Drama." Il teatro romantico inglese (1760/1830: Testi, teorie e partiche sceniche)

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Shakespeare
  • Advanced Shakespeare
  • American Drama
  • Form and Meaning
  • Survey of British Literature (1800 to present)
  • Early British Drama (1550 to 1750)
  • Later British Drama (1750 to 2004)
  • Survey of Anglophone Drama