May 2007

Faculty Accomplishments

BRUCE BENNETT gave the keynote address at the Episcopal Academy’s Alumni Weekend, April 27, 2007. He also visited two junior English classes to talk about his poetry. Professor Bennett had four poems published in the Spring 2007 issue of Tar River Poetry. On May 2, he gave a poetry reading at the Guernsey Memorial Library, Norwich, New York.


LAURA CAMPBELL performed two pieces, "Deep Winter" by Mark Volker and "The Great Valley, No. 4" by Paul Epstein, at the Society of Composers, Region 2 Conference at Hamilton College in November. In January, she performed three pieces, works by Mark Volker, Daniel Godfrey, and Rob Paterson, in Syracuse with the Society for New Music. Also in January, Professor Campbell performed in "The Birds That Roar," which was part of the "Light in Winter" arts and sciences celebration in Ithaca. As a member of Music's Recreation, she participated in the April 1 premier of Mark Simon's "Carnival of the Sub-Atomic Particles" with narration written by Cornell physicist David Mermin. Excerpts of this program are expected to appear in an upcoming article in the journal "Physics Today." Her recording of the Giuliani, Op.85 with guitarist Karl Wolff on the CD "Classical Music for Guitar" was given a very positive review by Steve Marsh. A previous CD "Pinocchio and Beauty and the Beast," which she recorded with the Society for New Music, was nominated for a Grammy last year. The Fingerlakes Flutes, a professional flute ensemble from the Ithaca area, of which she is a member, performed at Wells in April.


CANDACE COLLMER and CHRISTINA WAHL attended an Association of American Colleges and Universities (AACU) meeting, "The Student as Scholar: Undergraduate Research and Creative Practice, " from April 19-21, 2007, in Long Beach, California.


On April 26, WILLIAM GANIS moderated a panel with artists Jon Isherwood, Christoph Späth, Robert Michael Smith and Barry X Ball. This panel regarding digital technologies and sculpture took place at the Columbus Circle campus of the New York Institute of Technology. Professor Ganis is pleased to announce the launch of the Wells College Liber Hymnarius website that contains a digital facsimile of a centuries-old musical manuscript from the College's art collection. He has worked with Wells students Allison Schooler and Jessica Stern to digitize the entire codex. In recognition of the many articles and reviews he has contributed in the past year, Professor Ganis was named a Contributing Editor to Glass The UrbanGlass Art Quarterly.


SCOTT HEINEKAMP attended the New York Section Spring Meeting of the American Physical Society (West Point, New York, April 12-13). He continues as a member of the executive committee and served as poster-session judge and as an evaluator of physics outreach grant proposals.


JILL HILL and colleagues from Cornell University's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) were guest panelists at "Dining with Diverse Minds," an event organized by Cornell Minds Matter and the African, Latino, Asian, Native American Program Board (ALANA) at Cornell University. This event included a panel, dinner, and discussion about the stigma associated with mental illness, specifically in the multicultural community. The event was awarded Honorable Mention status for the 13th Annual James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony at Cornell University. Professor Hill has been invited to contribute two entries in the forthcoming SAGE Reference publication: Encyclopedia of Counseling. The subjects of the entries are: the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Society of Indian Psychologists. The Encyclopedia of Counseling will be the definitive resource for members of the public who are interested in learning about the science and practice of counseling. It will also be a useful resource for undergraduate and graduate students as well as professionals from other specialties.


On May 8, the CHRISTINE IACOBUCCI’s SOC 350 Sociology of Education class will be visiting the Louis Gossett Jr. Residential Center for youth facilitated by teacher, JoAnn Carlson (Wells '99). She will be participating in a workshop entitled, "Directions in Mediated Communication, New Technologies & LSI Research" at the 57th Annual International Communication Association Conference in San Francisco. The workshop is presented by the Language and Social Interaction Division of ICA.


ETHEL KING-MCKENZIE attended the conference of the American Association  for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (AAACS) held in Chicago, IL on April 4-7, 2007, and presented a paper entitled, "It begins with me: Who am I?" She will be attending the Conference and Workshop of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to be held in Phoenix, AZ  on June 29-July 2, 2007.


For the academic year 2007 – 2008, VIC MUÑOZ will be a Visiting Fellow at Cornell University sponsored by the Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Program. Professor Muñoz presented the paper by Jill Hill, herself and Megan Correia entitled, "Still centering the margins: Assimilative pressure, resistance, and transformation in psychology education," at a dialogue discussion at the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference in April in Chicago. The paper can be downloaded by going to: Professor Muñoz’s symposium proposal composed of international scholars, "Decolonizing transgender psychology: Transgender identities and issues in cultural context" has been accepted for the 29th International Congress of Psychology to be held in Berlin, July 2008. The proposal can be downloaded by going to:


ANDRE SIAMUNDELE have presented a paper entitled, "Stratégie littéraire et voie culturell du développement," at the International Conference on Culture, Communication and Globalization that took place in Brazzaville and Kinshasa (13-20 April 2007) organized by Université Marien Ngouabi, Institut facultaire des Sciences de l'Information and Université Robert Schuman of Strasbourg.


On April 10, SUSAN TALBOT was the keynote speaker for the Southern Cayuga Middle School Career Day.  Her presentation was on  Using Your Multiple Intelligences as Guides When Choosing a Career. On May 3, she presented at the Waterloo Central School District Mentor Dinner on Mentoring From the Heart.


JACLYN SCHNURR'S paper, "Evaluating the impact of TIEE activities on student learning: lessons for the instructor," has been accepted for publication in the peer-reviewed on-line resource for ecology educators, Teaching Issues and Experiments in Ecology. It should be available in early June.


The updated revision of CHRISTINA WAHL’S chapter "Periocular mesenchyme: Neural crest and Mesodermal Interactions" has been published in "Duane's Foundations of Clinical Opthalmology." The full citation of this desk reference for opthalmologists and other eye care professionals is: Wahl, Christina (2007) "Periocular mesenchyme: Neural crest and Mesodermal Interactions" In: Duane's Foundations of Clinical Opthalmology, Vol. 1 Ch. 3. Editors: W. Tasman and E Jaeger, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins press. ISBN 978-0-7817-6855-9