March 2009

Faculty Accomplishments

Bruce Bennett had five poems published in the on-line magazine, Innisfree Poetry Journal, which can be found at


Beatrice Farnsworth reviewed a grant proposal for research on "Russian peasant participation in Russia's Great War, 1914-17," at the request of the American Councils for International Education which administers the Title V111 Research Scholar Program in Eurasia funded by the U.S. Department of State.


Siouxsie Grady recently exhibited "Lost and Found" at the String Room Art Gallery. A collaboration between herself, Jeannie Goddard, and Roberta Kolpakas, "Lost and Found" was a performance installation examining the question, "What have we lost that we don't go looking for?." Professor Grady’s pieces included installation, photography, performance art and collage.


Roberta Kolpakas presented interactive learning sessions of "Philosophy in Theatre: interdisciplinary conceptualization" at the New York State Theatre in Education Association Annual Student Conference, January 9 and 10 at the Hudson Valley Resort and Spa. The conference provides networking opportunities for professionals and professors from New York State, broad theatrically based educational experience for high school seniors and juniors, and a chance for students to take "sample classes" from a variety of colleges.

Professor Kolpakas was a featured artist and co-organizer for the recent Performance Installation Lost and Found in the String Room Art Gallery. The installation, the brain-child of Siouxsie Grady and co-organized by Jeannie Goddard, explored through visual art, interactive art, performance, and dance then question, "What have we lost that we don't go looking for?" Roberta’s pieces included an interactive wall titled "what’s in your wallet?" which invited the audience to pin up whatever was in their pocket, purse, or wallet and a visual installation titled "Sacred in Retrospect" which include pieces representing the people, actions, and theories that have forced the loss of individuality or the fostering and discovery of individuality. 


Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo attended CODESRIA 12th General Assembly on "Governing the African Public Sphere" from December 7 to December 12, 2008;  His panel presentation was entitled:  "The National Project as a Public Administration Concept: The Problematic of State Building in the Search for New Development Paradigms in Africa." The conference was held in Yaoundé, Cameroon.


Milene Morfei and Ernie Olson participated in roundtable discussions with graduate students on becoming a member of the academy as part of the Future Professoriate Program at Syracuse University in February, 2009.

Professor Morfei and Deb Gagnon joined 12 Wells students at the Powershift 2009 conference in Washington, DC, Feb. 27 - March 2.


Vic I. Muñoz was an invited speaker for the TransRhetorics conference at Cornell University and presented the paper, "Gender Sovereignty." This conference was held to celebrate and engage the possibilities of the newly added "T" to the LGBT Studies

Program at Cornell. March 6 - 8, 2009.


Russell Posegate performed with tenor Cory Walker in a short tour with concerts in Ithaca, Aurora and Auburn. The concert was a tribute to the gospel style and arrangements of Mahalia Jackson.


William Roberts has been accepted to the Tamarind Institute Summer Workshop in Lithography in Albuquerque, New Mexico for summer 2009. The workshop will be focused on aluminum-plate lithography techniques which will help him upgrade the lithography course which he offers at Wells. The Tamarind Institute is the center for fine-art lithography that has contributed enormously to the rebirth of lithography in United States and abroad.